Surgical Strikes

Surgical Strikes By The Indian Army

Quoting a dialogue from a famous Bollywood movie ‘Border’: “ Hum 120 Jawan Hai Aur Dushman Poori Tank Battalion Ke  Sath Hai”.  Not anymore,...

India’s most valuable celebrity brand – Virat Kohli

  Born on November 5th 1988 in a Punjabi family in New Delhi, Virat Kohli had a way with the cricket bat since his childhood...

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Is GUN CONTROL an effective method to reduce the Crime ?

Gun Control
The most debated point in US history is Gun Control. Many politicians won elections by creating a chasm between US citizens on this topic. Various...

Negative Impact of Media Debates

Media Debates
  The Nation Wants to Know. The Primetime. The News Hour, these shows are more heard of than the Prime Time Soap Operas and the...

The ban on condom ads. What’s the point?

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry issued an advisory on Monday, December 11 which directed television channels to restrict the broadcast of condom ads between...

Zaira Wasim alleged molestation incident – Innocent unless proven guilty?

Zaira Wasim
Zaira Wasim, a 17-year-old actress, famous after her role as a child wrestler in Dangal, made an allegation while on a flight against a...