54 % reservation in Rajasthan but no outrage in mainstream media


The Article 14 of Part 3, of the Indian Constitution, guarantees all its citizens right to equality. Even the constitution of India declares to secure all its citizens right to equal opportunity. But that has become a matter of juxtaposition off late. Because the reality is far from what the Constitution Of India States. During independence in India, there were various communities that didn’t have access to as many opportunities as others. Therefore, the framers of the Constitution decided to grant them reservation which in future would be instrumental in providing them equal opportunities to lead a respectable life. However, it was only for a brief time period. But afterward it became an election rhetoric, various parties promising and various governments giving out reservations to communities for petty votes. And this has depleted the nation’s manpower completely.

The recent case of reservation handed out by Rajasthan Govt is however ridiculous and flabbergasting. The government which is mired in corruption and governmental inefficiencies have played the reservation card to secure votes in the upcoming assembly elections. The Vasundhara Raje government has raised OBC quota in the state from 21% to 26% to give reservations in government jobs to a popular community in North India, called Gujjars. Gujjars are an influential community in the North India and many consider themselves to be a sub-group of Kshatriya Rajputs. They’re primarily an agricultural class and most of them, are well off socially and financially. Though there are sections of the community that live in poverty but then the reservation will hardly help their cause. This community has been agitating for reservations in government jobs that would make it easy for them to secure positions and earn a living. Why should such inane demands by a socially well-off community be given into is well beyond understanding?
The Raje government in Rajasthan is rather notorious for its inefficiencies and corruption. All that matters for them are power. In a decision that is biased and rhetorical, they’ve decided to take the stats for a toss, in a gambit to save their power. Plus, if reservations are kept being handed out in reply to violence then there are various communities that would resort to violence in future in demand of reservation. Is it not a violation of the fundamental rights stated in the Constitution? Where do we go as a country if any Tom, Dick and Harry become a baboo in government offices owing to the reservation? The diktats only seem to increase and we will become a brainless country one day.