Aarushi Talwar Murder Case: An Unsolved Mystery


One of the most famous and horrific murders in India is the Aarushi-Hemraj massacre. A 14-year-old girl living in Sector No. 25, Jalvayu Vihar, Noida, was brutally assassinated. Along with her, Hemraj, a 45-year-old servant working in the same house, was also murdered. In this way, it came out as a double murder.

A mysterious massacre took place on the night of May 15-16, 2008, when Aarushi’s parents were present in the house. Aarushi’s father filed an FIR at the police station accusing the house servant Hemraj for killing his daughter. In this incident, there were doubts about the involvement of Hemraj and his four companions. The case took a turn when Hemraj’s partially decomposed body was seized from the terrace of the same building and the door to the terrace was found locked from inside. For a long time, a lot of investigation was conducted and many mysteries unfolded from time to time. It is said that Aarushi’s murder was so ruthless that no one could hear her voice or any sound from her room.

After this, the prime suspects were Aarushi’s parents- Dr. Rajesh Talwar and Dr. Nuput Talwar, both dentists. The police suspected that Rajesh had killed the two after finding them in an “objectionable” position, or because of Rajesh’s extra-marital affair. The police were heavily criticized for failing to secure the crime scene immediately. Seeing the seriousness of the case, CBI started investigations and filed FIR. As the investigations continued, CBI named Rajesh Talwar as the prime suspect. On November 26, 2013, CBI court awarded life imprisonment to the Talwar couple. The couple then filed an appeal in the Allahabad High Court challenging the previous court’s order. The court on October 12, 2017, let off the couple for the lack of evidence.


But the whole incident raises many questions before us. Hasn’t law and order machinery failed that none has a clue about the real culprit? Why have police and CBI been unsuccessful in finding the murderer? Is it incompetence or mere lack of will? From the very beginning of the investigation and inquiry of this murder mystery, police and the CBI set a record of utter negligence. The police didn’t cordon off the crime scene and even allowed the wiping of crucial evidence. By this time, when the mystery has become an urban tale, still, the murderer is not found. Aarushi has not got justice even after 9 years of her death. Now the question is- if the Talwar couple or the servants who were earlier arrested did not kill them, then who is the real culprit? If there is anybody who can lift the curtain from this mystery, it is Aarushi herself or Hemraj. But the irony is both are dead and the dead cannot speak.