Akhilesh Yadav- the success and failure, a comparison



“UP को ये साथ पसंद है” “भारत जलाओ पार्टी” “श्मशान/कब्रिस्तान” “गुजराती गधा” “राक्षस” “हिजडा” “रमजान/दिवाली” “ईद/होली” “यादव/दलित/मुसलमान” and many more such hustle and bustle of UP elections 2017, SP+ congress alliance is proudly campaigning ”काम बोलता है”. There is rising inquest among people about the words of the work. This series is just a summary of the five year of Akhilesh’s governance!

The president of samajwadi party ,and the present CM of uttar pradesh Akhilesh Yadav is again the CM candidate for SP+Congress alliance in next term.

Working under the agenda of minority and Dalit appeasement , as his age old family tradition, has won the 2012 elections to become the youngest CM of Uttar Pradesh and also became the youngest CM of UP.

The fulfilled promises!

  1. Free laptops:- lakhs of laptops were distributed to the intermediate students which was later sold by them at a throw away price of 10000 in the market.
  2. Unemployment allowance.
  3. Unemployment Providing monetary allowance to girls from weaker economic strata fir pursuing higher education or their marriage. A sum of ₹30,000 was given to an indivisual.
  4. Medical emergency ambulance service (108)
  5. Women helpline number(1090)
  6. Agra lucknow expressway
  7. Lucknow metro project.

Disastrous Failures!

  1. Increase in communal riots in short span
  2. Ever increasing crime statistics
  3. Ministers with their incongruous comments
  4. Failed Gomati river front development project.

There is cement and concrete on the Gomati’s reclaimed river bed. The tiny canal which once spanned between 250-450m is now jacketed under 150m.

There is cement and concrete on the Gomati’s reclaimed river bed. The tiny canal which once spanned between 250-450m is now jacketed under 150m.

The disaster of law and order:
The achievements of the Akhilesh’s term has nothing much to be written about but when you consider it’s failures pages after pages will be less!

The law and order has always been a side agenda for samajwadi party and Akhilesh Yadav. Busy in appeasement of a particular group or community law and order is the neglected part of their term.

  • In the state assembly after 45 days of akhilesh’s administration (b/w march 1st 2012 to April 15th 2012) the samajwadi government proudly flaunted their crime stats as “only” 699 cases of murders, 263 cases of rape and 249 incidents of loot.

The opposition however then rejected the government figures claiming that in many cases police does not register FIRs to keep crime rate down in papers.

  • A CAG report tabled in UP shows that rape incidents has gone up by 43% in the state. Majority of rape victims are minors, 59% of total victims. Regions with maximum reported rapes include Aligarh( 392 reported case) Moradabad (377 reported case) Allahabad (346 recorded case) Agra (328 recorded case)

The report also pointed that crimes against women had gone up by 61% between 2011 and 2015.

  • The report also mentions the shortage of police personnel. There are only 81 cops to protect every 1 lakh people in the state. This number is quite low compared to the UN standards that stipulate 222 cops to protect one lakh people.

This was only a part of the sonant action of Akhilesh Yadav’s administration of five years. In the next series I will talk about the utilisation of “freedom of speech” by ministers of Akhilesh.

To be continued…