Akhilesh Yadav- The Riot Tales


The chief minister of uttar pradesh, Akhilesh yadav has once admitted in march 2013, that as many as 27 riots/communal violence has taken place in the state. It was only march 2013, just first year since he took over the thrown. From this we can get a rough estimate of what would have been the scenario of communal harmony in all these 5 years.

Still Samajwadi party and Bahujan samaj party keeps law and order at side  and believes in minority and dalit appeasement. We can barely listen to them in their rallies talking about the law and order concerns. Between all the hundreds of communal disturbance, there were some of the major riots which failed to escape the public’s eye!

Kosi Kalan, Mathura riot ,1st june 2012

The first major violence UP noticed on 1st june 2012. This violence occurred between hindu jatt group and muslim group.

It is said that two hindu youth after answering the nature’s call used water kept in drum for muslim namazis for which they were beaten black and blue. This resulted in major riot break out which went on for two days leaving 4 dead and 25 injured. Several arrests were made.

Asthan, pratapgarh riot, 23rd June 2012

On 23rd june, Asthan village in pratapgarh district saw large scale violence and arson. Nearly 35 muslim houses were set on fire.

The violence was the result of the rape and murder of a minor dalit girl by the youth of muslim community. Enraged by this incident the local dalits of the village revenged the brutal murder by burning the houses of village pradhan Nizam Ahmed and accused Imran, Farhan, Taufiq and Saif along with houses of some other villagers.

Pratapgarh is the home to two ministers of akhilesh government- raja bhaiya and rajaram pandey

Bareilly riot, 24th july 2012

Bareily, a riot stricken district as it has always been , once again saw a riot on July 24th 2012, when the muslim community people started objecting on the “kanwariyas” for playing bhajan. In this riot, only muslim lives were claimed and no damage was done to hindu community as per reports of leading news media.

Ghaziabad riot,15th september 2012

Friday, 15th september 2012, the non muslim community of ghaziabad was horrified over the violence over issue of discreted holy book quran. First the minority mob protested on the police station and then took over the city. It was alleged on the hindu community for its destruction however no accused could be found for destroying the holy book.

Surprisingly no media source has mentioned the amount of damage done by the minority mob.

Faizabad riot, october 2012

The riot started in five towns of faizabad district after 28th september 2012, when idols of goddess durga were stolen from a local temple. On october 22nd the idol immersion day after durga puja, the procession carrying the idol for immersion was stoned which resulted in torching of local shops in the market of faizabad and 4 other cities and also stoning of a local mosque in faizabad city. The next day the ramleela pandal was torched in Faizabad city. It was alleged on Bjp that it came into the scene to promote the violence after party MP from Gorakhpur Mahant adityanath visited the city after the idols were stolen. However after cases filed and arrests done, nothing could be proved.

Muzaffarnagar riots,2013

This riot has been described the worst violence in UP in recent history, with army being deployed in the state for the first time in last 20 years. Supreme court held Akhilesh yadav led samajwadi party prime facie guilty of negligence in preventing the violence. The court also blamed the then UPA government in centre.

This riot was between hindu jatt and muslim community and the reason for this violence is still disputed. It is said that it started when a muslim youth molested a jatt girl, angered by this her brothers beat the youth and in return people from muslim community beat the brothers. It is said that police only took action against the jatt brothers and no charges were filed against the muslim community. This negligence from police is regarded as a reason for the violence. There were 62 deaths,93 injured and more than 50,000 displaced.

Saharanpur riot, 25th july 2015

This riot occurred on july 25th 2014 in the city of saharanpur. This riot involved muslims and members of shri Gurudwara sabha in kutubshah area. The war broke out over a disputed piece of land adjacent to the Gurudwara sahib. It was claimed by the mentioned gurudwara sahib and former MLA moharram ali aka pappu ali. On july 25th members of the gurudwara sahib flagged off the construction to expand the gurudwara premises and clashes broke out that day.

The gurudwara sabha had bought the land long ago but pappu ali claimed that the land belonged to mosque and wakf board and there cannot be any construction without the permission of the board. The muslim supporters of pappu ali came together and attacked sri gurudwara sabha using guns and burnt down the shops of sikh community in saharanpur moradabad and muzaffarnagar. There was death of 3 people and 33 injured.

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