Akhilesh Yadav- freedom of speech, SP’s human rights reserved


Freedom of speech is the right to articulate one’s opinion and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship or social sanction.

Samajwadi party is well known for exploiting this basic human right quite frequently. The ministers in Akhilesh’s leadership never fail to disappoint us by resorting to their basic human rights. There are many incidences in the past 5 years, when these ministers have amused us with their intelligence quotient. Amongst them the most popular attorney of this freedom of speech is Azam khan, urban development minister and party’s muslim heavyweight.

“Paris attack is the reaction to the action of superpowers” this is how he condemned the November 2015 Paris attack. He even has expressed his golden thoughts on the prime minister of India “कुत्ते के बच्चे के बडे भाइ हैं नरेंद्र् मोदी”(Narendra modi is the elder brother of dog’s baby).

Speaking about the Ram mandir issue, he even took his troll on the Gandhi family-“बाबरी मस्जिद का ताला खुलवाया था न राजीव साहब,पुरे खानदान का नामोनिशान मिट गया, ये अल्लाह का इंसाफ है” (u had opened the locks of babri masjid Mr. Rajiv, your complete clan is finished, this is the justice of allah)

He even never failed on dividing Indian Army on the religious grounds “कारगिल कि पहाडीयों को फतह करने वाला कोइ हिंदु नहीं था, कारगिल कि पहाडीयों को फतह करने वाला मुसलमान फौजी था” (the one who conquered kargil was not a hindu.. He was a muslim soldier)

His pearls of wisdom  states” mobile phones are responsible for rapes in minorities” He even had given a piece of advice to the rape victims “If you publicise your crime so much, how will you your face to the world”

His views on narendra modi is not only limited upto “kutte ka baccha”, With the दिव्य द्रिष्टि, he has he had once declared- “ there is a secret tunnel between madam irani and pm’s bungalow” He has a very clear thought about the RSS activists “RSS volunteers are homosexuals, that’s why they never get married”

He also has his own justification for the growing population of country. “हम गरीब लोग हैं इसलिये ज्यादा बच्चे पैदा करते हैं, बिवी क्लब नहीं जा सकती, यारों की महफिल मे नही जा सकती,बस बिवी और शौहर होते हैं” (we muslims are poor people that is why we reproduce more, wives cannot go to club and cannot sit with their boyfriends, only wife and husband are together)

When asked about the illegal mining on UP-Haryana border- “कुदरत के माल पर सबका हक है,राम के नाम पर लुट मची है,लुट सको तो लुट लो”( everybody has a right on natural resources, grab it if you can)

When enquired about source of funds of mulayam’s huge birthday bash- “फंड तालिबान से आया है, कुछ दाउद ने दिया है, कुछ अबु सलेम ने दिया है” (It was funded by taliban, some amount was contributed by Dawood and some amount by abu salem)

As a vocal minority activist, which he is he once advocated “ taj mahal should be given to sunni waqf board and the income generated should be used for educating muslims”

He even had his valuable words for Mulayam singh yadav “मुलायम सिर्फ रामपुर तक अपनी मरदानगी दिखा सके, लेकिन स्वर में कुछ नहीं कर सके,हिजडे साबित हुए” (mulayam could only show his manhood in rampur not in swar, he is proven transgender)

No the list is not limited to Azam khan only, the leaders from time to time keep scattering their pearls of wisdom.

One of the most controversial one came from Mulayam singh yadav when, while speaking in a rally he defended rape and rapists saying “लडके हैं लडकों से गलतियाँ हो जाती है, फाँसी पर चढाना गलत है” (boys are boys, mistake happens, they should not be hanged). He even made a comment on gang rape calling it “not practical”

Talking about the women’s reservation bill he stated “ Rural women are not attractive, they will not gain from women’s reservation bill”

When brother mulayam singh has his human rights, why not shivpal yadav?

Talking to reporters in Etawah, shivpal yadav has stated that “ सपा हमेशा से आतंकवादियों की पक्षधारी रही है” (SP has always supported terrorists and anti-nationalists)

Upon burning of Mandwadih police station by mob, Shakir Ali,MLA Deoria made a very lued remark on women “महिलाएँ थाना फुकेंगी तो हम क्या चुम्मा लेंगे” (If women will burn police station then will we kiss them)

There was even a divine remark on the crime rate by SP minister Durga Prasad Yadav “भगवान भी आ जाएँ तो भी नहीं रोक पाएँगे”(even if god comes to earth he will not be able to stop it{crime})

Even mulayam had his statistics on the rape victim as he stated “UP’s population is 21 crore ,according to that state has lowest number of rape victims”


Had it not been the freedom of speech, no one can imagine how these SP ministers would have survived their intellect!

But one thing is clearly explained by these statements that why the law and order issue can never be corrected in UP under Akhilesh and Samajwadi Party.


In the next part of the article there will be an account of all the communal riots that occurred in UP under अखिलेश-राज!


To be continued….

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