An empty Rajyasabha, an ignorant government, a disinterested opposition and three lone voices

New Delhi: A view of the Rajya Sabha in New Delhi on Friday. PTI Photo / TV GRAB (PTI12_18_2015_000045B)
An empty Rajyasabha, an ignorant government, a disinterested opposition and three lone voices are what marked the discussion of most awaited bill echoing the national sentiment of declaring Pakistan a terror state. Ultimately having just alone support in Subramanian Swamy, the independent MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar was forced to withdraw the bill in the upper house.
It is really ironical that the Parliamentarians who raised hue and cry over surgical strikes so much that they washed sessions for that are silent than Dr Manmohan Singh on the issue. Except 4-5 members all MPs (including him) were absent in the house during the discussion. Max 30 people were present in the RajyaSabha that too also not together. This is an example of how you use the taxpayer money to make a fool out of the Taxpayer in the country. A normal parliament session costs 2.5 lakhs per minute of public money. A one session negligence in Parliament could very well amount for a significant scam. What a desired optimum use by the bearers of democracy.
After the much talked Indus water treaty went into an oblivion of silence, this is yet another sign that the Modi government is seen to be loosening the grip on the whole Pakistan terror vs talks issue.  In 2015-16, alone over 250 civilians lost their lives, 190 soldiers martyred and over 600 terrorists have been killed. Since 2001, 4675 Jawans have attained martyrdom for the sake of the Nation. Pakistan has done more than 286 ceasefire violations in the last few months.
Who did 1948? Who waged war on us in 1965? Who went crying for the merciful Tashkent Agreement? Who was beaten black and blue in 71? Who refused to identify their soldier’s bodies after Kargil? Who got all their land returned in 65 and 96K soldiers in 71 alive? Who should be at least grateful for the same? The answer to the all these questions is one and only one and this even our politicians will agree or else they would be hypocritical to tall speeches they make. Terrorism doesn’t have a religion, but it definitely has a country called Pakistan.
Such negligence in the sacred upper house of the democracy over national public sentiments might as well suggest that the Politicians want the issue called Pakistan alive. This is preposterous, that a bill had to be withdrawn without even going through a proper discussion. This is bad for the health of democracy. And the so called Nationalists in this country should stand with Rajeev Chandrasekhar. If our MPs are not in the parliament for discussing bills, what are they in for? Whitewashing? After this much hypocritical step, UNESCO declared that Rajyasabha MPs are the only painters in the Universe who can paint with raincoats on. 
While we have Pakistani posts attacking and provoking us and yet again there are tensions across LOC, it would be interesting to see how the Modi government deals with our stubborn evil neighbor. Let’s hope the common sense prevails in our Netas. Let’s hope Nationalism is not just a vote appeasement technique but instead vibrates in the hearts of our Netas too. Let’s hope they remember the morning of 13 January 2001 while 9 Jawans bled to death only because these so called bearers of democracy could breathe an air of peace.