Android- What’s The Future Ahead?


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Nowadays, with the dawn of mobile technology, the impact of marketing, particularly mobile app marketing has turned out to be essentially important as they are crucial in setting the tone for the business. Mobile apps mostly rely on the platform on which the application is built. Generally, iOS and Android are considered as the most looking for mobile OS. Amid these, Android Apps development as it has an extensive range of devices having various screen resolution and thus developing the app according to the marketing perspective becomes very imperative.

Google is developing it as an ecosystem, soon every device you know will be smart and running android as an operating system, you just name it- glasses, watches, cars, TV-media players, home appliances and of course on mobile, tablets and computers. Google is doing something so fast, that Microsoft couldn’t and Apple has tried to do (and got success to some point) but lagging behind.

Android platform is really a strong one, because of the power of open source technology that allows almost everybody to contribute to its development, Google Inc. Have many strategies to compete in any world technologies not because they are the best but only because lot of people love some of their technology that why they rush to work with them, but beating android will not be as easy as expected in my opinion but I’m not saying is unbeatable! As they are using Alphabet system to name their OS Version with food name I think they are nearly ended because they came to M Alpha. The biggest point in favor of Android is; it is Open-Source. Means, the development of Android is not dependent on a closed group of programmers. Anybody anywhere can develop, improve, customize the Android OS, as opposed to iOS and Windows, both of which are copyrighted and ‘closed-source’ operating systems. So yes, Android is and will be spreading to more domains, much sooner than later.

When it comes to predicting about anything relevant to technological innovation its bit challenging. The present era is all about the technological innovation. Android OS ruling the market since long. Even we have seen there are plenty of sites who are major the web since long quit their solutions from the web and enhance a lot their mobile application. We can say that Not only the Android operating system but iOS, Windows and other mobile OS have a good chance to stay long near future as people are getting more and more interact with smartphones.
Ideal facts for the same conclusion it below with statistics:-

  • Nearly50% of consumers say they won’t return to a website if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile devices
  • 60% of global mobile consumers use their mobile device as their primary or exclusive internet source
  • The average smartphone user downloads3 apps per month.
  • 79% of smartphone owners use apps every day
  • Apps made up47% of Internet traffic, compared to PCs 45%
  • 3% of Ecommerce Website TrafficComes Through A Mobile Device
  • 80% of consumers use smartphones to shop
  • Mobile e-commerce will account for30% of global e-commerce sales by 2018
  • 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores

Also, the Android app developed keeping the marketing perspective in mind fares well and has high durability.

You can’t always predict things but some things are more likely to happen than the other. Android is more likely to be more ubiquitous than it is in the near future.