Bajrang Dal- Cultural defender or Hypocrites

source- india today

In october 1984,an organisation “Vishwa Hindu Parishad” came out with the practice of regular processions to be held in ayodhya called Ram Janki Rath yatra  aimed at awakening the society. There was nothing against any other religion which was officially declared by VHP but certain group of people felt it as a pro hindu movement, communal tension started and threat surrounded the procession. Feeling jeopardized by the circumstances,the hindu saints of VHP called out to the youth for protection and many hindu youths reached for their duty. Thus there was the establishment of a youth centric militant hindu organisation, with a motto  “सेवा सुरक्षा संस्कृति”,  called BAJRANG DAL.

Their working system include organisational activities like organising Akhanda Bharat sankalp diwas on 14th august. Hutatma smriti diwas from 30th October to 2nd November. Balopasna diwas hanuman jayanti- chaitra mas. Shauarya diwas on 6th December.

Apart from this they work for renovation of religious places, cow protection, against social evils like dowry untouchability, caste system etc. They also organise protest against vulgarity and obscenity displayed on the television advertisements, beauty contests etc. Protests against the insult hurled at Hindu maan bindus, hindu traditions,Hindu conventions and belief.


More than any other of their work bajrang dal are infamous for their activities during The valentine’s day.

They have known to officially warn and reprove the young couples venturing out in parks and other public places showing their love for each other calling it against Indian culture.

They are reported to counsel the couple, informing their families and sometimes even marrying them off.


The question that should arise in the mind of these bajrang dal members is After all the moral policing on a single day of year, will they really be able to save to hindus and their culture?

Let’s talk about the ethnic cleansing of kashmiri pandits that occurred on 20th january 1990 when most of the pandit families were forced to flee from kashmir. On the night of 19th january 1990, the masjids advertised slogans like RALIV, TSALIV YA GALIV ( convert to islam, leave the place or die) KASHMIR MEIN REHNA HAI TO ALLAH O AKBAR KEHNA HOGA etc. Tens of thousands of kashmiri muslims poured into the streets of the valley, shouting Death to India,Death to Kafirs. During this 7th exodus of kashmiri pandits all of them had to run away from kashmir for their lives if they did not want to meet the same fate as Tikka lal Taploo and many others.

Where was bajrang dal then to help them to fight for the hindus?

Even during the exodus of 250 hindu families from Kairana in the shamli district of uttarpradesh ( the state of the formation of bajrang dal) No bajrang dal was there to advocate for hindus. The situation of hindus in west bengal is well known to everyone but still no bajrang dal has yet stood up fir hindus for west bengal.

Isn’t it not just an hypocrisy that moral policing  on the hindu youths on a particular day and not a single voice for such intolerance done to hindus.