The birth of Modi breeze and the Hypocrisy of the Left Lib intelligentsia  


As the dawn of Legislative Assembly Elections breaks, a new breeze of positivity seems to engulf the entire India. This breeze is different than the much-talked wave that was seen during the Lok sabha elections. The wave was strong, the wave was high, the wave displayed aggression. The breeze is silent, the breeze is enchanting, the breeze displays peace. While the Modi wave was the result of the well-orchestrated fight for toppling a government of decades followed by a very high intellectual backlash, the breeze is slowly moving towards acceptance. The thing that the left-lib media doesn’t want is ‘Modi’ acceptance as the PM all across the country. However, the results in four states prove that the intensity of the acceptance breeze is inadvertently high and the left lib intelligentsia have only their hypocrisy to blame.

One cannot stop but wonder about the birth of this acceptance breeze. However, it is no rocket science to understand. Let’s go back to 2014 when there was a Right Winged government established at the centre with their only agenda, “ Achhe din Aaenge.” Just after Narendra Modi took his office on the first day itself he formed a SIT for black money, a much pending order from Supreme Court. The man when took his post appealed all parties to walk with him for, “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas.” It was pretty funny for the so-called intellectual brigade to read the slogan as the blatant call for Hindutva. Not even in his speeches he once said anything which was offensive to other communities. Never did he spit venom like Owaisi or others. He was diplomatic at the same time assertive in his speeches, one of the seldom seen qualities in an able Statesman. So when the intellectual section started branding him as the hate monger who will destroy the country, many in the nation couldn’t believe it. His statements were misquoted. His remarks were misrepresented. This led rose to a self-made brigade in the social media who began exposing the hypocrisy of left-lib intelligentsia and started questioning their narrative. While the Left leaning media concentrated on showing that ‘hey! There was no Modi wave, let me prove that to you’, all Mr Modi talked about was development, development and development. This was the first mistake where Modi gained and the so-called intellectuals lost their own plot.

This self-made brigade started showing dominance and soon even questioned the hypocrisy of left-leaning journalists like remember 2002 brigade. Instead of replying or countering them logically, the so-called intellectuals found one simple argument to all their logic, brand them as “bhakts”. Anyone in the country who wrote or supported either government steps or steps taken by PM was branded as a bhakt. ‘Oh! You are speaking logic, you must be a bhakt’. Before the soldier argument, the ‘Bhakt’ argument ruled the universe. Be it the intolerance drama or the award wapsi brigade, doesn’t matter if you speak against the media you are a Bhakt. A media bhagat cum author even a wrote an article on Bhakts and beautifully showed how all sexually deprived people in the universe are bhakts. Well, Things you do when you imitate your novels in the real life. This is where they lost the second part of the plot.

The struggle was on virtual media but in real time. The bhakts also gave back, called them pseudo liberals or just liberals. However, till now the self-made social media brigade in the country deep within their hearts expected the intellectual gyani class to take stand for all the issues. But Alas! This was not the case. And this is where the left-leaning media lost the third part of the plot. They turned out to be sheer hypocrites which was in turn exploited by the Bhakt class in the universe. Meanwhile, the modi wave became stronger and stronger.

But the left media also had able strategists and were looking for a pawn in the process. In order to bring Modi down and assert that there was indeed no Modi wave, they resorted to something never ever seen in the Indian Media. They reached the maxima of hypocrisy and eccentricity of their left leaning allegiance. They found the fuel in Akhlaq issue. They converted an ugly fight between two individuals or very small groups into whole Hindutva vs Secularism issue. They showed how the intolerance is a rise in the country. They used all their pawns be it Bollywood to intellectualwood. They did succeed. They succeeded in making the majority of the country gasp in horror and keep their heads down in sheer shame. They forced the Hindus to be ashamed of Hinduism. They indeed succeeded. Ultimately BJP lost in Bihar by a Maha Gath-Bandhan of two rivals. They made the nation believe the Modi wave has died. In fact, the bure din was better than acche din. They also questioned in process initiatives of PM Narendra Modi. They very well knew that results will take time to show. They still showed Modi government as the most incompetent government in the entire Universe. And how the Bihar loss was the referendum for all of India. But they overdid it. They were entrusted the job to show there is a fog everywhere.  But they showed the complete absence of light. They showed darkness,  darkness and only darkness and in the process also blackened their screens. But they forgot that absence of light was desired by the almighty only for 24 hours in a day and if you question the intent of nature you question your own existence.

The left-leaning media wanted to highlight one Akhlaq incident but in the process labeled the entire country intolerant, they lost the plot. In order to bring down Modi, they even echoed anti-national voices which may very well be manufactured, they lost the plot. They magnified small Kashmiri protests into a very large revolution, glorified terrorists like Burhan Wani, they lost the plot and in fact should be responsible for the death of many innocent lives. They created problems for Modi but ended creating it for the entire nation. They labelled every victim as ‘muslim’ and every accused as ‘hindu’, lost the plot. They made their anti-Modi campaign, anti-Hindutva and in turn anti-Hindu, they lost the plot. When they forgot simple maths that 80 percent of the country are Hindus, they lost the plot.

The left lib intelligentsia committed so many mistakes and the self-made brigade exposed them completely. They highlighted Hardik Patel as a hero who wanted Patel appeasement in trying to break Modi’s Gujarat. They failed to get any buyers because they did not show it against reservation as a whole. They showed Rohit Vemulla as a dalit even though he was not and wrote in his suicide note that he blames none. But didn’t raise the bigger issue of student suicides in the country. They failed again. They showed award wapsi brigade as among the noblest people in the history of India but did not care about the writer who was murdered after the Bihar elections were. They cared about akhlaq but ignored Prashant pujjeri. They failed. Infact death of a patrakar in a broad day-light in Bihar was not much of an issue for them. People were shocked to find no award wapsi after Bihar elections. Maybe when the new black-hole was discovered during that time, the award wapsi brigade went inside it forever. Maybe after lightyears when a left-leaning government is formed one might see intellectuals back in the earth and tell us about the myths of the universe. They showed all Hindu festivals as some social evil and showed minority festivals the only way to attain peace and moksha in the country. They made their war against Modi look like a war against Hinduism. They forgot that in the process they have also Made Modi the bearer of Hinduism. Media did what a Neta does, appeasement. They, however, failed miserably.  They forcibly made the self-made brigade the Bhakts. They lost the narrative against the Modi wave they built by riding on their own wave of intellectual hypocrisy.

While the left lib intelligentsia was busy demeaning Modi and Hindus, Modi silently engineered the Assam win with the help of Himanta Biswa Sharma and Amit Shah. Considering Assam was a state dominated by a high minority population, this would have been a historic win. But the left media as usual down reported it. They also missed the wake-up call they should have taken. Everything that the intellectuals at Lutyens Delhi did, failed. Now after losing their dominance among the Indian masses they also started losing significance. Their viewership also declined, still they couldn’t stop themselves from reporting everything as Hindu/Muslim/dalit. They lost because they were bearers of hatred, hypocrisy and high-class drama. This was also the period when the authenticity of the channels and journalists were questioned. Even respected journalists like Baggo me Bahar Kumar also lost all the respect they had for falling to the left lib dominion. The self-made brigade which was actually liberal and intellectual and neutral and secular started loathing them. They understood these can go to any extent for downplaying the Modi wave. Even if it is supporting the terrorists and separatists narrative in the name of freedom of speech. They did it all except doing what they should do, report honestly.

PM Modi shut them down and beat them in their own game. When he was called a suit but ki sarkar he prepared a Kissan friendly budget. When they questioned his role over Uri attack, he did the surgical strikes, By questioning the authenticity of surgical strikes they further fell into his trap. Just when they showed the government who is not for middle class and garib, he did demonetisation. Everyone knew this was a good step but they didn’t echo with the national sentimentInstead showed anyone who died in the country as people who died standing in the queue. They showed their problems as problems of the poor even when the poor had a different tale to tell. They were even shameless to question a poor and middle-class friendly budget of 2017 that it has nothing to do with Capitalists. This is how they united the self-made brigade, the BJP ITcell, The Hindus and the real Modi Bhakts, the 90 percent of country’s population. No wonder they gave rise to the Modi breeze themselves which was seen as the rescuer of the propaganda set by the left lib intelligentsia. They spread so much negativity in the country that people got frustrated by their own degradation in the media. Modi breeze is that feeling of positivity among the people. A positivity towards a better India.

Whatever they questioned they were replied. They questioned the funding of political parties, even that was reduced to 2000. Again the UP elections were on the cards, there was another orchestrated Intolerance 2 which began with Jawans not getting food but ended very terribly with the whole Gurmehar episode. And the Modi breeze grew stronger and stronger. Soon there were nationalist liberal voices from the moderate Muslims. Soon all those who remained silent under the mask of neutrality started being vocal about it. They all believed that Yes, this is the PM who is really serious about the country rather than himself. Just when this narrative was built, Modi started taking opposition head on in the Parliament. Gave them back in their own words. Whatever he said turned out to be true and strong GDP figures which were even appreciated by OCES and World Bank further went on to strengthen his claims. Be it MMS or Amartya Sen, the Kataksh Kumar or the Didi of Bengal they all got unmasked. They all were proven wrong. People even started digging their histories only to find them big hypocrites of their own words. Soon the worship lords and goddesses of the left-lib intelligentsia lost acceptance among the majority moderated thinking masses in the country. Why liberalisation was done and who was responsible for the Nalanda Scam these questions were discussed and debated and were no longer a myth to the youth.

The stage was all set for the Assembly elections. People started understanding the work that central government does and the work that state government does. Gone were the days when State government showed central government works as their own to fool the public. To it added initiatives like demonetisation, ujjwala yojana, the crop insurance schemes, the beti padhao etc were enough to strike a chord of acceptance among the rural population. The Urban were intelligent enough to understand what was good and what was not. No lie can move the voter anymore. The voter is intelligent. The voter doesn’t get appeased in the name of caste creed or religion. If the left lib Media can digest a 1984 riot responsible party and applauds it. They should do that for Modi as well. If you think Sikhs have risen against it and voted for development why is it so difficult to digest that Muslims have also got over 2002 and have voted for development. Modi gave the voters what they wanted, development. The voter proved that ‘kaam se jyada Karma bolta hai.’

The thumping majority in the two states and even in the run for the formation of governments in the other two with fractured mandates shows where the mood of the entire country lies. In an attempt to demonize Modi, the left lib intelligentsia did a negative PR for the Prime Minister. The Modi breeze will make sure PM has 31 seats added in his kitty in the Upper House. The Modi breeze now also doesn’t give the opposition any message to wash out parliament sessions. The voter wants the bills passed. The voter wants the leaders to take responsibility. The voter doesn’t want appeasement. The voter wants the achhe din and an India which dominates in the world arena. The voter has given the clear mandate now. Dear left lib intelligentsia, please respect it. The left-leaning media should understand that in a democracy it’s the voter and not the voted who is Supreme. Ask right questions. Don’t do just blank criticism, do constructive criticism. The Modi breeze is very real, be part of it and be soothed or oppose it and get blown away.