Blue Whale, the game of atonement, has been banned across all online platforms

Blue Whale

Blue Whale, the game of atonement, has been banned across all online platforms across the world at least in 7 countries. The game was made by Phillipp Budeikein. Budeikein, 21, was a former psychology student who was expelled from his own university. The game starts with the question, ‘Are you a pussy or Are you a whale?’ The blue whale is Picasa of 50 shades or more subtly 50 tasks that one needs to complete so that one can die. Yes, you play the game and the incentive is death, nothing more, nothing lesser.

The connection of suicides with whales can also be easily established. Cetacean stranding, commonly known as beaching, is a phenomenon in which cetaceans strand themselves on land, usually on a beach. Beached whales often die due to dehydration, collapsing under their own weight, or drowning when high tide covers the blowhole.(Wikipedia). Whales have beached throughout human history, and it is nothing new. Solitary species like the Cetaceans and Odontoceti mostly live in deep waters cut away from rest of the marine life and hence are more susceptible to ‘beaching’. These species mostly live tightly knit in groups but if they get lost or separated from the group they tend to beach themselves and die.

The time picked for the tasks is a biblical reference to the Leviticus 4:20. “And do with this bull just as he did with the bull for the sin offering. In this way, the priest will make atonement for the community, and they will be forgiven”. The very fact that the maker of the game Philipp Budeikein made this game as an offering, tells us the level of retardedness that this game can attain. 250 lives in last 5 months have been alleged to be consumed by the Blue Whale.

After the 4 am wakeup call, the second task is to tell anyone dear to you that you hate them. Each task claims that one will get one step nearer to the Darker World. Each task needs to be proven via proper photographic evidence. Every player is assigned an administrator or a curator. It is then the duty of Curator to lead the player in the game.

The tasks or the levels in the game has a time limit and gets expired in 24 hrs. So it becomes mandatory for the player to complete the task within the specified time limit. The curators call themselves the beacons of Darkness or sometimes the Flag bearers of the Dark.

On day 3, the teen is asked to watch a scary movie, mostly ‘The Ring’ at 4:20 am. The teen is then said to carve F57 on his hand followed by videos and breathing sounds that may last from a minute to an hour and a half. The tasks often include listening to these sounds and videos on loop.

Soon, the teen is ready to tell the outside world, #IamaWhale and is asked to update the same on his Instagram handles or Vkontakte status, as they call it.

Next task include watching scary movies almost all day. It is all a mind game until the self-harm begins and the process of alienation starts. The teens are made as alienated and as brainwashed as possible from the outside world, their emotions are used and they are made to believe that none out there cares for them.

Pain is another tool efficiently used by the Curators to keep their victims ashore their territory. The teens are often asked to carve ‘F-40’ or sometimes ‘YES’ in their legs, arms. hands and wherever they may deem necessary. It gets as worse as poking needles into the arms, cheeks, cutting lips, hurting themselves willingly and too to without medicating their cuts leaving them at mercy to the pain.

If one wonders why one would continue with such torture and tyranny, keep in mind that these guys supposedly are adults or older teenagers that prey on pre-teens ranging from 12 to 16. They threaten and blackmail them to keep doing the tasks. Reports say the game is a data snooper and gets access to the private information like pictures, videos or anything that they can have as a leverage over the teen. The victims are mostly chosen and allowed to continue after 1st or 2nd level if they are psychologically weak or in the state of depression or near to it.  It is said that 2000 such teens are lured in to by various sad and grim social media posts and out of those best 20 are chosen. Mostly those who are depressed or are on the verge of depression. Every target is carefully studied before attacking them. The children are often coerced into doing tasks, which sometimes involve telling secret things about themselves.

This continues and we reach the level 20. Most of the teens want to back out, but they are forced to continue. Those who survive are now made to interact with their fellow whalemates, mostly through skype. Meanwhile, the Curators make both the whales listen to grim sounds together the whole day. Sometimes are made to watch horror movies or are simply made to listen to sounds of animals getting butchered. This is a very inhuman stage and crosses the bounds of all that humanity can withstand.

The idea of suicide seeding begins. The teens are given tasks which include visiting the nearest rail tracks, high towers, roofs of their house and post pics of the view beneath. Some involve sitting on the building with their legs dangling off the roof while other are said to climb a nearby crane and bridge. And all the time they are made to listen to psychedelic videos and tapes in the loop throughout the day.

On the 25th day, the teen is made to take a vow before the other whales in WhatsApp groups that they will abide by the rules of the whale community and no matter what happens they will standby it. The alienation process is now complete. The teen is then given a day to die in the coming days. And their death date or the suicide date is decided by the team of curators.

On the 29th day, the Whale meets a fellow Whale in the area, in person and shares their remorse, while being watched by the team of curators.

The day 30 to 49 continue with one incision or cut every day. One scary movie every day. A set of videos and tapes on loop every day. No soul can survive that. Some have died during this period itself.

The 50th day is the D day. The 50th level begins with graphics such as parents fighting while the child is ignored, friends telling the player, you are a biological waste and ugly. And it ends with teen riding on a horse with a heavy heart and jumping into the ocean below. The teens have to post a live video and make the jump to convince the Curator. “Welcome to the dark”, says the Curator. And the teen isn’t alive to read it.    `

“They are like ISIS or worse”, said the mother of one of the victims. In India, this game was introduced, shocked by the suicide of a 12-year-old Mumbai teenager followed by a 14-year-old in Kerala. With 130 deaths in Russia alone, the game maker was arrested and is currently in custody. Some of his teammates were also caught and one of them said, “You don’t find the Blue Whale, the Blue Whale finds you”. The arrested claim they are doing it for the Dark and cleansing the society.

A misconception often treads that Dark is full of fear.  The Blue Whale devoids you of fear of all kinds and renders you into the dark, but doesn’t tell you what being in the dark actually is. Dark doesn’t make you feel blind, deaf, ignorant and at mercy of different feelings. Dark is state of nothing. The universe is dark. The non-existence of anything is dark. Dark is mysterious. Dark is unknown. Hence others fear the dark. Predators like Philipp capitalize on it. But they never understood the dark. While the light is combative, Dark is non-belligerent. Light is acrimonious, Dark is calm. Light is opinionated, Dark is non-judgemental. Dark is defenseless. Dark is weird indeed, but the dark is harmless. The dark doesn’t claim lives. And when Dark starts to do that, that’s not the dark. It is an infatuation, a confusion.

And the creatorof the ‘Blue Whale‘, Philipp Budeikein is not a beholder of the dark, but instead, he is simply a wannabe. A jealous greedy soul who never knew peace or understood it. He thinks pain is all there is to dark. But pain is as much of the light as much it is of the dark. While pain may lead to death it can also lead to birth. Light and Dark have no problems whatsoever with each other. All they teach us is coexistence and acceptance. And for centuries of centuries, they have had coexisted with each other.

The reports also allege, Phillipp made sexual relations with the victims online. He himself agreed to have claimed 17 victims. While he denied reports of others involved with him. He said they are impostors who are copying his noble deed.

Philipp, who never saw love in his entire life. He, who was rejected by his friends, and who barely saw his mother, it is ironical to see him becoming the in charge guardian of people’s lives. Budeikein is that extra weight on the ecological balance which threatens to imbalance it. Such weights should be better let off.

Children are like clay. You can mold them as you want. You can shape them in the light. You can sculpt them in the dark. The innocence of children is above any parameter set by humans. Their minds aren’t matured enough to understand the light nor are their senses developed enough to feel the dark. And hence they become the easy prey for these wannabes.

People are sheep most of the times, they prefer following others when they are lost, rather than solving the maze. These people become the easy targets than the 14-year-olds. The game begins by making you believe that if you don’t play this you are a pussy. And if you indeed fall for it and start playing you are considered a waste. A garbage, someone who should just go away. In an interview, Budeikein tells that he is just a cleaner. A cleaner of waste in the society. It’s a shame he didn’t join Modiji’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

But what Budeikin didn’t understand is that he himself is a waste. Those innocent lives which he took, directly or indirectly did matter to many. They had families crying behind them. They left their Parents shocked in grief. There were people who cared and came forward to mourn them. But Budeikin’s sorry existence won’t matter to anyone. He was born as a human, he will go down as a biological waste