Why The Boring Company isn’t so boring ….


The Jetsons flying car was the only future we could predict when we were 10. Nobody knew a guy who was busy in silicon valley building an internet company to fulfill the needs of Internet Financial Transactions. Nobody knew that same guy who will in the coming decade change the way our future will be.

Elon Musk the most visionary entrepreneur we have in our world has again come up with another wonderful innovation after Space X and Hyperloop. And he has named it The Boring company. The one which will make your traveling faster, economical and will involve zero honking of vehicles/cars.

So what is the vision of the boring company basically?

Its underground network of tunnels that will transport vehicles (cars) on an electric skate. The maximum speed it can achieve is 210 km/h.

How will this thing happen?

  1. A car will go over a metal container on the side of the main road and then the container will work like an elevator and transport the car vertically down in the tunnel.

2. An electric skate will rocket the car through the tunnel.

3. Again at the point of destination, the metal container will lift the car to the main road.


Watch this graphic video below to understand it better.


So, we may not see flying cars soon but we can experience the simplified version of the sci-fi movie Tron in real life within the underground tunnels.