Bookanakere Siddalingappa Yeddyurappa – The corrupt BJP leader with proofs

BS Yeddyurappa

In an alleged corruption case, Karnataka BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa has been named in a FIR during his tenure as the chief minister in 2010. The Anti Corruption Bureau proceeded against him in connection with an alleged illegal land denotification charge. BS Yeddyurappa was the 19th chief minister of Karnataka who was jailed for the allegedly denotifying land of 257 acres of a 3456 acres plot illegally for the Dr. Shivarama Karanth Layout during his tenure between May 2008 and July 2011.

Some voice clips were released in which the two leaders ( Ananth Kumar and BSY) involved in the corruption were purportedly discussing a diary recovered from a Congress leader, which contained all the details of the payments made to the Congress leadership. But the two leaders denied such allegations and claimed that the clip was doctored. In the video, it was reportedly shown that Yedurappa was having a conversation with Ananth Kumar about their whole proposition of accepting a bribe.
According to some sources, the video of BJP function, when the duo was engaged in a private conversation without realizing that the microphone placed before them was on. The video was then released by several Congress leaders during a press meet.
But according to the duo, it was severely doctored and that the full video clip should be released and not an edited part. According to Yeddyurappa, it was a vain attempt by the Congress to derogate the party’s image by releasing edited versions of the original clip, which if presented would acquit the duo of all charges. Although Yeddyurappa is no stranger to controversy, for he was jailed for less than a month earlier too during his tenure as chief minister, in this case, he vehements that he is innocent and demands full justification of all his charges on him.
Even some senior BJP leaders too came out in support of him saying all these were politically motivated against the veteran and that these are false and absolutely baseless. The ACB issued summons to the former chief minister but it was seen that he did not turn up and his lawyers instead requested the ACB to give them some more time to study the documents released in support of the case.
According to sources, the Anti Corruption Bureau has agreed to this but any date hasn’t been fixed. The two accused hope to get acquited once all the proper investigation has been done and as of now, all eyes are on the ACB which is being accused of getting misused to the highest extent by the political opponents of the concerned accused party.