A Deep Red Carnation


Winters are round the corner,
So are the gloomy nights.
And days too are not warmer,
Than the flickering candle lights.

The rays of hope that were reaching the Earth,
Are slowly getting blurred.
No more lives will now take birth,
No heart will survive – I’ve heard.

The Earth is going far from the Sun,
The leaves are leaving the trees.
A pair of insects that was once one,
Got drifted apart by a cool breeze.

Those birds in order to survive,
Are moving to warmer places.
’cause this harsh winter won’t let them be alive,
And won’t let them do embraces.

A deep red carnation bloomed just then,
With spicy, honey tinged aroma.
When it seemed like life can’t happen again,
It stood with its beautiful chroma.

Doesn’t it know life is diminishing,
That it is flourishing like it doesn’t care?
Maybe it knows about something,
Of which I am unaware.