Why China is CHINA !!! – Part 1 – Mao’s China


Recently, we heard about Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was declared “President for life” in a constitutional manner by removing the term limitations. The constitutional changes were passed by the parliament “The National People’s Congress”.

But, let us understand why this happened and why no one in Chinese Media is outraging about it.

Rise and Death of Mao


After Mao’s revolution in 1949, Mao took Beijing and declared the formation of People’s Republic of China.

He faced many problems like the huge population of his country, no technological advancement, individuals owning huge pieces of land which made one section of their country remain poor and dependent.

He subsequently snatched lands from rich individuals and redistributed them among poor population. A perfect communism step. He advanced his friendship with Russia and bought technology from it in exchange for agricultural products.

At one point steel production in China became so popular that everyone in their own backyard started using their agricultural lands to have small furnaces and left agriculture as their profession. This situation resulted in chaos, low food production in early 1960’s and a flood event made Chinese people starve to death.

Due to that incident, the great leap failed and Mao’s popularity as a leader within the party declined. He saw that his population is turning to capitalism and modernisation is degrading their own stronghold position in the agricultural sector. He then started a cultural revolution. The cultural revolution was a time of clear chaos. Those supporters of Mao was publically violent and killed many who opposed Mao’s red little book, in which he wrote few guidelines for his population regarding how to live your life and what to do or what not to do. He expected to be treated as a god after the revolution.

In this chaos, a Chinese communist revolutionary and a political leader named Xi Zhongxun was imprisoned and purged several times. These incidents made his son Xi Jinping run to caves and live there throughout most of his adolescence age. He dissociated himself from Parents and Communist Party for a very long time.

Next article will tell the story of an innocent and calm man named Xi Jinping.