Democratically elected INC President – Rahul Gandhi ???


Rahul Gandhi today has filed the nomination for the post of Congress president today. The fact that the party which traces its origin to the pre-independence era will fall into the hands of a man, who has no calibre as a leader is palpable. Then why is it so that only he is touted as the probable man who would lead the Congress? The answer is quite simple, the love for dynastic politics in grained in some Indians. The fact that Congress has no internal democracy is an open secret. All of the decisions in Congress are taken by an Italian dictator.

Congressmen are still in the hangover of slavery that has been forced down the throats of Indians for centuries by various invaders. Many of them, are still better in terms of intellect and yet aren’t given there due, courtesy the autocracy in the oldest party in world’s biggest democracy. The recent head guillitoned for maintaining this autocracy is that of Shehzad Poonawaala. Shehzad Poonawaala was a former congressman who worked day and night for the party since 2009. And instead of promoting him for the services he rendered for the party, he wasn’t given his due at all. When he questioned this absolutely bizzare decision of crowning Rahul Gandhi as the Party President he was shown the door. Is it not a mockery of democracy and FOE that is so dear to the Congress. What will future hold for the country is not known today, but the statement that Congress is moving towards it’s impending doom is quite a fact today. Good luck to Mr. Rahul Gandhi for captaining the sinking ship called Congress.