Congress’s ‘fast’ decline makes Aiyar ‘furious’


Manishankar Aiyar, a hardcore Congress leader did something notorious which made even his own party to drawback from his actions. He flew to Kashmir on the purpose of attending a seminar organised by O P Shah. Other members of the political parties included CPM’s M Y Targami, Ghulam Hassan Mir various other personalities of the valley. Aiyar asserted that peace in Kashmir would only prosper through talks and dialogues. He further tried to justify his claims by saying that if government doesn’t mind talking to violent rebels in Nagaland then why it is so unresponsive towards Kashmir. “BJP should talk to everyone, including gunmen, stone pelters and all the elements in Kashmir. Enduring solutions would come only through dialogue. you should talk to everybody because when you stop talking, then guns do the talking.” Who will dare to make him know that guns fire and only take lives and they don’t talk? Violence in any case in unjustifiable! He further told the reporters that giving certificate to Major was a wrong step. Meanwhile PDP’s Nizamuddin Bhat said that if Indian Army violates civil rights, actions must be taken.” According to Aiyer, Hurriyat has always been helpful in maintaining peace in Kashmir and its PM Modi’s foolishness that he became ignorant towards the former.

Congress after ruling the nation for 60 years has to sit in the opposition with not even adequate seats to be addressed as the main opposition party in the Indian parliament. No wonder Mr.Aiyar’s backbone must be hurting for he had to sit in the opposition for 3 long years! Is it the reason why he is growing so furious to take such nasty steps that he’s party has this time decided to sideline him? Ego or restlessness to be in power? What is driving him to such large limits that he doesn’t mind meeting  Hurriyat? Why was he so audacious to sip tea with betrayers when a ‘teaseller’ was available in the parliament itself? Is he trying to run a parallel government in India, which will take its own decisions?

To make Mr. Aiyar revive his memory about Kashmir, he must be told that it was his party headed by inexperienced Rajiv Gandhi which was greatly accused of rigging the elections in Kashmir to benefit INC’s partner National Conference. It was after this dirty pool of Aiyar’s party which gave way to people of Kashmir to pickup guns and fight for independence along with Hurriyat which is now headed by people who are the most pampered in our great  nation while their kids study in peaceful environment far away from the Kashmir valley and go to the most luxurious hospitals after getting a tiny scratch on the foreheads.

This is not the the only time Aiyar went too far from his limits. His ego touched new records when he proposed the then PM candidate Narendra Modi to get a contract signed for selling tea in all the Congress party sessions. Little did he knew that getting personal and demented with his statements is only going to do worse for his party in the General polls of 2014.

Mr . Aiyar after the establishment of Modi government at the Centre took to Pakistan asking them to help the congress party overthrow Modi and his party from the government.

Mani Shankar Aiyar is a diplomat turned politician and A Member of Parliament and a former minister in the cabinet of Manmohan Singh. He was born in Lahore during the pre-independence era and is known for his secular ideology.

What  Mr. Aiyar needs to fathom is that these actions is not establishing him as another peace-keeper in the valley besides the Army. Though the Congress has maintained a distance with Aiyar this time but it cannot deny that it was its own vice-president who went to sit next to the Afzal’s patrons at the JNU campus last year. Constructive criticism is the only way to grasp the lost ground in the public opinion while India continues to search for a better opposition as it is apparent from the recent Congress setbacks in various polls. Getting furious is to reinforce the fast declining graph of congress in the Union of India.