The inspiring story of a father and his daughters

source- Indian Express

Dangal, the Amir Khan starrer, hit the box office last Friday on 23rd December, and as expected broke many records and rocked the box office in its very first-weekend run. But, this review is neither about the records nor about the flaws in the movie. This review is meant to reflect on the story and how it, the story, can inspire many of us.

In the movie, Amir Khan portrays the role of Mahavir Singh Phogat, the amateur wrestler who, due to lack of support and facilities, failed to achieve his dream of representing his country. He vows that his son will win gold for India. However, fate had other plans; he was “gifted” with four daughters. When Mahavir Singh and his wife Daya Kaur (portrayed by Sakshi Tanwar) started losing hope, he spots the aggressiveness that his daughters, Geeta Kumari and Babita Kumari, showed, inspiring him to provide wrestling training to his daughters.

The roles of teenage Geeta Kumari and Babita Kumari are portrayed by Zaira Wasim and Suhani Bhatnagar. Both of the actors have done pure justice to their respective roles. The movie shows the backward mentality of the villages of Haryana, where child marriage is still a tradition. This is mentioned in a scene where young Geeta and Babita complain about their father to their friend who was getting married. Her friend tells them that they are lucky to have a father who is willing to go against the tradition to secure a bright future.

The movie also successfully shows the dangers of succumbing to distraction in the song ‘Gilehriyaan,’ in which Geeta Kumar (portrayed by Fatima Sana Shaikh) while training at the National Sports Academy, Patiala after winning National Championship, gets distracted by wrong company and lets complacency take her over. Babita Kumari (portrayed by Sanya Malhotra), on the other hand, follows strict and disciplined training under her father.

In a later part of the movie, Mahavir Singh Phogat is shown giving training to his daughters while living in a rented house in Patiala. He goes against then national coach Pramod Kadam (portrayed by Girish Kulkarni), who is shown to be a bit egoistic. This establishes a difference between a coach who is just completing his duty and settles for a bronze, and a father who wants the best for his daughters, and a patriot, who is passionate for bringing gold medal for his country.

The movie is narrated by Aparshakti Khurrana, who portrays the role of Mahavir Singh’s nephew and Geeta and Babita’s childhood friend. Some parts of the movie diverge heavily from the real life incidents, and bit of dramatisation is added to create the environment for audience attraction. The movie is, however, well directed by Nitish Kumar, whose beautiful dialogues grace the scenes accordingly. The music is brilliantly composed by Pritam, and the songs deliver the feel required to pump up the audience.

Amir Khan has nailed it again and is ready to make a great exit from 2016. The movie is worth watching. It is a great source of my just entertainment, but also inspiration.