Feminist lass – smashing patriarchy with hypocrisy

Dear feminist lass
As a man, i am opening my eyes but i guess we should have this question taped.
Did you report to the police, when you heard your aunt was maritally raped?
Did you try to raise your voice and show restraint signs?
Or did you just succumb to the patriarchy like it’s imbibed in your loins?
The law favors you. Why cry when the boy’s father asks for dowry?
The system favors you. Why not file a FIR and not later be sorry?
 Why whine if you can’t act against the so-called male autocracy.
Aren’t you just simply exposing your feminine hypocrisy?
The line is created for centuries and not just by the men.
 You have woken up now but they accepted it then.
Why need Men and project yourself like some symbol of weak?
Why not prove yourself worthy as equals, if it is indeed the equality you seek.
Why not show your strength and stop portraying yourself as a minion.
Why depend on ‘Men’ dear feminist lass, for ending the Men dominion?