Development: The UP-Bihar version



Akhilesh drove through the expressway to Janeshwar Mishra park to talk the lakhnavi development, the metro came whistling the election trumpet and the fast-tracked projects were ribboned-off. But, the rewards were opposite. Had he missed some plank or some petals from the Nitish gardens? There were a lot of equations, permutations & combinations which were projected in party board-rooms, news channels, and even common citizen meetings. Lets decode the meaning of development in the dictionary of Bihar and UP.

Development doesn’t mean the pitched roads to their door but the support for Beti’s doli and Dada’s ambulance. Just a hand-pump in the locality would heal their deprived feets. One community hall would relieve them of ceremonial expenditures. Few flood relief materials and the handful of compensation make them dance, why to care about massive hydraulic projects? Local Netaji’s donation to festivals and his arrangements are more than enough. Even his vehicle’s availability in contingencies obliges the whole society. There are regular “janta durbars” organized at his residence. Anyone can ring “the chain of justice” anytime for any problem, Netaji has got the solution for everything. Leaders attending more social gatherings or even private functions become more popular. If Yadav’s are omnipresent from lower cadre to the highest authority, they will certainly favor a Yadav to continue their legacy in representation. The minority community will obviously go for their best prospects in leadership. They have right to do so, in order to pay for the loyalty. Voting your caste implies both the hope and the rewards from the loyals.


Am not justifying the pennies in lieu of dollars’ dreams. Obviously, those broad-visioned heavy development projects are designed to elevate living standards, but the vision needs visual acceptance. Whatever it looks like, it is perceived and reflected in ballots. Social welfare achievements of a leader can never be compared with any infrastructure push or planned developments. Apology for the awkward comparison, but lets assume the gifts be 1000 rupees/person/election. That too 3 times or more in 5 years. Its still more than the BPL monthly threshold. Which moral policing can prevent it ?

Nitish distributed 70 lakh cycles and Akhilesh distributed 15 lakh laptops. Evolved PDS in these states is shutting ration businesses now. Cheap foodgrains have reduced domestic expenses and it must have to get converted into votes for credit holder. Local schools are filled with teachers, munna-munni behavior seems improved on a learning track. No matter how bad teachers are, but something is better than nothing.

Almost every voter in Bihar & UP is a political pundit. They claim to identify the colours of politicians and assess them accordingly. That’s the reason behind the abundancy of regional parties and the multi-cornered contests leading to hung assemblies. So, winning UP and Bihar is not an overnight game. You earn your votes every day, almost every vote makes you count its obligation upon you. Even if you are a baahubali, you have to ‘manage’ the things every single day. You can never expect any ideology. Today, Nitish has tied knot with old friend Lalu, tomorrow Akhilesh will hold behenji’s hand. There is a strong conflict between Roti, Kapda, Makan and Sadak, Bijli, Pani. You have to judge carefully Basic necessities Vs infrastructure & services enhancement. Only the proper compositions and combinations can pave your way to victory. So, the sensation is evident for the new government. A saffron policy has to run on the expressway till the dust changes its colour in next five years. For now, lets enjoy the romeo-less, meatless, gutkhaless UP with its ambitious CM listening to the chorus……

Main ghani Babri ho gayi !!