Fail but don’t Fall

Broken, bruised, decimated, defeated, There he stood. He failed. He looked below the height there was nothing beneath.
His parents were worried. His friends’ miscalls awaited him. He had responsibilities, said he to himself. His job is not yet done. But he ignored, ignored, for he failed.
He didn’t want a fall though. He wanted a free mind. He wanted a freed heart. He wanted a free fall right in to the darkness of oblivion.
The wind started getting stronger. He wanted to be blown away. Blown away in to the nothingness of reality. He heard something. Someone, a human. Giggling, a small girl. The girl picks up a stone and throws in the air. He wanted to be like that stone, soar high up in to the sky freely like a stone. A stone yes. A stone going down. A stone you say…. His thoughts interrupted. Splash! Was the sound.
The little girl throws another stone in air, this time a bigger one.
Soon he will follow that stone. That stone has no remorse, no responsibility, no regrets, no pain, no happiness, no life. No life. It repeated inside him. What a stone? A stone has no life. He took a deep breath. A stream of oxygen filled him with freshness. He was not a stone. He failed. So what? He still could do what that stone thrown up in the air couldn’t. He could live.
There’s no one to throw him down except he. He wanted to throw himself up like a stone with no life. He died even before he could jump. He understood that.
He took another deep breath. He could still feel oxygen. He turned towards the little girl. She was gone. Must be bored of stupid stones, thought he. And a little child in him smiled.
Yes, he failed, but he couldn’t fall.