The real essence of feminism.


God created earth and rested… then He created man and rested again. Finally he created woman and ever since then He has not been able to rest…

Many people consider this to be a joke! Whereas the fact is,when God created earth, He wasn’t satisfied with his creation. So created man. But still everything was lifeless and man roamed around the earth aimlessly. So finally he created woman…and life began. The very essence of womanhood is… life,itself.

I think there is a hint of feminism in all of us… irrespective of gender. Life has originated from feminism. Thus every living being has a pinch of feminism in him.

Womanhood is about everything that life is made of- love, hatred, sacrifice,strength,power, innocence, beauty,intimacy… the list is endless.
Being a woman makes you special. Womanhood is a treasure bestowed upon the chosen ones.

We say it’s a man made world… but then who has made man? Women have themselves given this position to men. There is a woman behind everything ,good or bad.

We live in a society whereas women and men are not considered equals. Men always seem to have an upper hand. Who gave men these powers? We women.

The essence of feminism lies in the beauty of souls. People look at us as an object of physical beauty. We are judged on grounds of our facial features and complexion. Shallow men will like a woman for these outwardly attractions but real men always know that there is another aspect to a woman’s personality than her looks. The way she talks… the way she cares…the way she gives herself selflessly. ..the way she is an inspiration for all… the way she guides … the way she loves … the way she stands behind her people as a pillar of support.
Women are the firm roots that holds the world strongly. They are the foundation of a better life for one and all.

Women are an epitome of strength and selfless love. A woman who loves you, be it a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter or a girl friend, will never let you fall. She will hold you strongly and will walk with you shoulder to shoulder. She is tigress who will protect you like her cub. And you dare not evoke the wrath of a tigress. You can break her but you can never break her inner strength and will power.

Feel proud and grateful that this world has women to nurture it… They are the catalyst to everyone’s life at every stage.