Different Film Festivals In INDIA – Detailed description

Film festival


Filmmakers bring life, culture, and art to our eager eyes. A film festival is an organized, extended presentation of films in one or more cinemas or screening venues, usually in a single city or region. Increasingly, film festivals show some films outdoors. Films may be of recent date and, depending upon the festival’s focus, can include international and domestic releases. These festivals are no doubt a much-awaited piece for every movie buff. Cine-lovers keep on waiting for this to take place. However, it is also very important for Showcasing the new talents, Promoting tourism and the city, Encouraging community, Benefiting local merchants, and Educating the attendees.

In this Article, we brought up the complete detailed description of all the important film festivals of India.


International Film Festival of India

Held in Goa – Another beach destination for film buffs – the IFFI is considered to be one of the most significant festival in Asia, it has been an excellent platform for Indian audiences to experience the best of world cinema since 1952. It is held by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting along with the government of Goa. The festival allows the screening of short films, documentary films as well as the featured ones. The festival attempts to the exploration of cultures across the nations and states and enables the audience to have the essence of the art films along with their diversity, aesthetic appeal, and extraordinary subject matters. Some facts regarding the festival:

Categories of Submission: International Competition for Feature Films, Non-Competition  For Feature  Films, Indian Panorama (For Indian Films Submission), Retrospectives- Tributes- Country Focus category films and Short Films (Occasionally).



Kolkata International Film Festival

Held in the land of art and cinema’s scions Rabindranath Tagore and Satyajit Ray – The Kolkata International Film Festival is considered as the second oldest film festival in India. Nothing can beat this higher order international Film festival in the city of joy, Kolkata. The film festival screens different kinds of movies, local as well as international of great taste and order for almost 6-7 days. It has various sections including All Time Greats, Children’s Screen, Retrospective and Asian Select – among others, organisesOne more feather in the cap of this immensely cultured city.

Submission Categories: International Competition, Cinema International, Special Screening, Indian Select, Bengali Panorama, Children’s Screening, India Unheard, and Asian Select





Mumbai International Film Festival

Mumbai, the crowned city of Bollywood organises India’s most colourful film festival. Initially the festival was arranged by late Sri Hrishikesh Mukherhee in association with the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image. If you want to make it to one of these film festivals this year, you still have time for the Mumbai International Film Festival. In the city with thousands of cinematic dreams – the MIFF was established in 1990 with a focus on documentary, short and animated movies. Besides film screening, there is a lot of film discussion sessions and promotional works. Mumbai is a stamping ground for film festivals – and MIFF is one of the best one to watch out for. In a country which produces maximum of films, a huge number of people live, eat and dream cinema. If you thrive on exploring the obscure, new cinematic productions – these film festivals are your Mecca.

Submission category: International film, Indian Short Film, Indian Feature Film




Chennai International Film Festival or CIFF:

The film festival was started in 2003 in collaboration with Indo Cine Appreciation Foundation, India. It’s main aim is to provide a place to the people related to films, like cinematographers, directors, script writers and so on and promote a joint, encouraging discussion.

Submissions Opens for World Cinema / Indian Panorama / Tamils Film in Competition




Osian’s Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema

One of the most awaited film festivals every year is Osian. Held in New Delhi in the latter half of every year, the film festival is the largest which is devoted to Asian and Arab cinema. It started in 1999, and did not take place for two years from 2009-2010 – and will be celebrating its 13th anniversary this year. Showcasing various Asian, Arab and Indian movies – this festival has become the rallying point of various cinephiles in the capital over the years.


ViBGYOR Film Festival

This film festival celebrates international short and documentary films every year at Thrissur City in Kerala. This is one of the most prestigious Short Film Festival, took place  in Kerala. This is a 6-day long festival, usually takes place in the month of April. Organized by a coalition of various film societies and media institutes, ViBGYOR is the largest alternate film festival in South Asia. The films showcased in this festival have a lot of socio-cultural grounding in real life – like identities, rights, gender and sexuality. Along with the short films, the festival, at Thrissur also allows the screening of documentaries, feature films and so on. The main theme of this year is cultural plurality and diversity.

Submission Categories: Shorts, Documentaries and Feature Films





Jaipur International Short Film Festival

Established by Honu Raj in 2009, this international Short Film Festival focuses on the complexity and aesthetic appeal of the short films. Every year the festival is organized in January in Jaipur.

Categories of Submission: Feature Film, Animation Documentary, Short Fiction, Short Documentary, Ad Film,



Bring Your Own Film Festival

One of the most alternative film festival that has been gaining grounds in India since 2004 is BYOFF. Held in the beach town of Puri, Odissa – it does away with the standard juries, awards and many kinds of hierarchy. Held in makeshift tents by day and open air after sundown – the idea of BYOFF is to encourage filmmaking by letting everyone register and showcase their works. And the film festival has branched out to include other arts as well – like photography, music and sculpture.


Mumbai Queer Film Festival

Bangalore has been hosting its queer film festival since 2003 – however it has become the hub of LGBT audiences across India. Also called KASHISH, the festival screens gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer films from India and also abroad. The patron of the festival is director Shyam Benegal – and the 4th MQFF was held in May which saw a number of celebrities grace the inauguration.


International Film Festival, Kerala:

Kerala government in 1988 established Kerala State Chalachitra Academy in order to prevent the dirty commercialization of films. The film festival focuses on documentaries, short films mainly. The contents of the films are supposed to be extraordinary in order to get selected.

Categories of Submission: International Competition, Indian Cinema Now, and Malayalam Cinema Today.



National Science Film Festival and Competition

In a country where science film making has not yet reached the pinnacle that other nations have, this is an important initiative of the Indian government’s Department of Science and Technology. Kicked off in 2010, this festival has award categories of popular science programme, short film and animation/graphic film.


Dharamshala International Film Festival

After beaches, the next best scenic destination for celebration of cinema is the cool mountains of Himalayas. The film festival debuted just last year in November and its second edition recently got over this June! One of the best destinations for cinephiles for indie movies and the scenic locale of McLeodganj – the festival showcases some of the best indie films, shorts and documentaries from across the world. Founded by the filmmaker Ritu Sarin, Tenzing Sonam in 2012, this film festival is organized June-July in the secluded and tranquil place of Kangra, unlike the other metropolitan film festivals.

Categories Of Submission: Features, Shorts and Documentaries



Rajasthan Film Festival or RFF:

Rajasthan Film Festival is an attempt to recognize the lost glory of Rajasthan’s films. Kanchan Cassettes & Series first started this festival. The main aim of this festival is to find the brilliant talents of Rajasthan Film Industry and introduce them to the global platform.

Categories: Short Films, Feature Films, and Documentaries



Cinemela Film Festival

Recognized by the Limca Book of World Records for its uniqueness, Cinemela Film Festival is one of the best platforms for young filmmakers across the world to showcase their talents. The brainchild of JNU alumni – the film festival screened Rahul Bose’s short film ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’ here for the first time. One of the best festivals to watch indie world films – Cinemela kicked off in 2006 and is organized inside the JNU campus every year.



Pune International Film Festival:

Referred to as the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra, Pune takes pride in organizing this festival. Pune International Film Festival is known for artistically combining the essence of traditional past and the cosmopolitan urban development. Due to the presence of FTII or Film and Television Institute of India and the National Film Archive of India, Pune is maintaining its pioneering role in educating as well as entertaining the cine-lovers.

Categories of Submission: World Cinema Competition, Marathi Cinema Competition, Animation Short Films and Live Action Short Films