Gauri lankesh murder case and recent developments in it

Gauri lankesh

September 5 2017 was the day when a journalist-activist was shot dead in the chest while entering her house. The incident took everyone by shock and the entire nation mourned the death of a journalist.

Ms. Gauri lankesh was a supporter of Naxalism or Communism and was against the right wing ideology & always stood for it. The incident has left everyone traumatized. Whereas, the killers are roaming freely and unidentified.

However, recent developments show that the killers will soon be brought to justice. Home minister of Karnataka, Ramalinga Reddy said that the special investigation team(SIT) working in Ms. Lankesh’s murder case has gained some leads required to identify the killers. However, the home minister is reluctant to provide any evidence claiming it would jeopardize the investigation.

The SIT has also released three sketches of the suspects using CCTV camera footage and body description as provided by the eyewitnesses. There was one more incident in Dharwad, Karnataka, where rationalist M M Kalburgi was shot dead. The bullets that were used to kill Ms. Lankesh have been sent for investigation to see if there’s any link between these two cases.


For now, we can only be hopeful that the people behind this act will be brought to justice while asking ourselves “Is media really free in this country to do its job or there is a far big conspiracy behind this murder ?”