Growing Tensions Between US and Cuba

US and Cuba
Flags of the United States of America and Cuba

The US and Cuba have always constantly been in turmoil.When Fidel Castro came into power in 1959, the political relationship between the two nations became even more acrimonious. After the Spanish- American War, a defeated Spain signed the rights to its territories including Cuba, Puerto Rico and Guam to the U.S. This gave U.S an opportunity to intervene in the affairs of an independent Cuba when necessary. During the 1960s, a number of US attempts were made to overtake the Cuban government, the most famous being the Operation Mongoose, an attempt to desperately overthrow Castro out of power.

In 1958, an arms embargo was imposed on Cuba between the rebels led by Fidel Castro and Fulgencio Batista, which consequently led to Cuba purchasing regular armaments from the Soviet Union, citing the US arms embargo. In 1959, Cuba became a communist country led by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara which occurred on 8th January 1959. Also during the 1960s, all the exports were abruptly been stopped to Cuba and subsequently the official diplomatic relations with Cuba were called off by the US. Thereafter, the hostilities continued between the two nations which saw many things like prohibiting US citizens from traveling or making financial transactions, tighter trade transactions, authoritarian embargos.
In 2009, after Barack Obama came to power, surprisingly all the restrictions were lifted up and travel restrictions were eased, thus making trips possible to Cuba. The same year, Alan Gross, a government contractor to the US gets arrested on charges of importing communications equipment to Cubans, but he was released a few years later on humanitarian grounds. Finally, US and Cuba agreed to begin normalizing diplomatic relations again. But this treaty was short-lived as in 2015, Cuba was again expelled from US State Department’s list of charges of being a haven for terrorists. This took place after the Cuban Thaw or the event when Obama became the first US president to visit the country in eighty-five years, which was supposed to lift the embargo between the two nations.So even the Obama administration failed to restore peace between the two nations. Now during Trump’s rule, the tensions between the two have resurfaced and are now manifold. The Trump’s policy claims to expose all the crimes of the Castro regime. Trump also claimed that Obama during his rule struck a really bad deal of having tried to reconcile with the Castro ruled the nation and signing twenty-three bilateral agreements of mutual interests. The recent Trump policy allegedly slams Obama’s Cuba policy claiming that it enriches the Castro regime. His policy includes a restriction in travel between the two nations. This marks yet another major setback for relations between the nation’s already prone to conflicts. This comes as the US wants to protect its own diplomats from the attacks that occurred in Havana recently as late as August. Tensions between the two nations escalate as Americans were attacked heavily in Havana and those were inexplicable in nature. Having said all these, the US is ready to plunge into deep actions against Cuba but the Cuba government denies any such allegations as made by the US government. This marks an onset of yet another conflict between the not so friendly nations due to the implementation of stricter travel rules and safety citations. The incidents of atrocities have recurred as late as August which has led to the implementation or soon to be implemented strict norms.