Growth of online car sales in India


Like many other online sales in India the online car sales has also seen a hugh growth in the sales numbers in last couple of years. Major players like Cardekho , OLX and Cartrade have made a lot of investments so that they can make it easier for the car buyers .

Increased focus of Cardekho, Cartrade and OLX in the used car segment is driving the culture of preowned used cars in India to a large scale and the main reason behind the greater online transaction is that online portals have better available information.

I have been working with a major online car portal for about 5 years now and have personally seen the growth that the sector has witnessed.

So before I go further I would like to share some facts.

1. India is the fourth largest market and seventh largest producer of automobiles in the world.

2. The sales ratio of new car to used car sales in India is 1:1.2 as compared to 1:3 in the developed markets.

3. In India 70 % of the used car sales is being done by local dealers or personal contacts.

4. The major online players as of now are OLX, Cardekho and Cartrade.

The question now arises, “Why have the sales increased?” So let me tell you why the sales has increased so much and why the numbers were low earlier.

Basically the main reason behind the low numbers was the trust issue.People were not willing to trust the used car dealers and they were only interested in purchasing through their known contacts.

But now the scenario has completely changed. Since the emerge of these online portals, things have become easier as all the authentic information regarding the dealer and his vehicle is available. So one can go through vehicles and it’s specifications available on the website after submitting their basic needs. After that the interested buyer will get a call from that portal and one of their workers will help you in finding best car available as per your budget and requirement. Additionally, they will try to find the vehicle near your location. Once you are satisfied with the cars they have shortlisted for you then they will share further details on your email ID and contact number so that you can check them and if you like any of them you can directly contact the seller.

Once the buyer get all the details from the portal and seller about the vehicle, the buyer will have to visit the person for a test drive and to check the condition of the car from any of the mechanics of his choice.

In this process that particular website’s sales guy available in that particular city will also help you if any needed. If the buyer liked the car and is satisfied with the test drive then he can purchase it or else can can visit the website again for more options.