Gudiya – The Nirbhaya Who Is Being Ignored


A 16 year old girl Gudiya was gang-raped on 4th of July in a village Halaila of Kotkhai, Shimla. As told by IG, Gudiya was going back to home after school on that day with her friend. After walking some distance together, her friend turned to some other road to reach her own home. Gudiya had walked alone only a little distance on her way when a pickup vehicle arrived. The driver of the vehicle Rajendra Singh (Raju), an orchard manager, asked Gudiya to to sit inside. The school students used to sit with Raju often. So Gudiya sat with him without any fear. Two young men were sitting on the front seat of the vehicle. Raju asked those men to get down and sit on the back seat and Gudiya sat on the front seat. All the five men then discussed something and after travelling some distance, stopped the vehicle and pulled Gudiya out of it forcefully and dragged her to the jungle from the road. There all the men, including the driver Raju raped her. All the accused were drunk. Intoxicated, they pressed Gudiya’s mouth. Her breath stopped due to clogging in the soil, which choked her to death.

Shimla’s inhabitants are demanding and protesting since then for Gudiya’s justice.

According to the reports, she was subjected to inhuman treatment before being murdered. Cigarette burn scars were there on her body and her lips, cheeks and other parts were bitten. A leg and and arm had fractures.

The victim’s family was infuriated due to delay in arresting the accused men. No prompt actions were being taken which made the people do strikes there. The first arrest was made nine days after the incident. According to the reports, the arrested were Ashish Chauhan alias Ashu (29), Rajendra Singh alias Raju(32), Subhash Singh Bisht (42), Deepak alias Deepu (29), Suraj Singh (29) and Lok Jung alias Chotu (19). When their medical was being done, all the accused men were saying that the other person is the culprit and they themselves did not do any wrong.

Such heinous acts are a shame on humanity. Only strict laws are not going help. Every single individual needs to give it a deep thought. People should not be only fed with information, but should be educated. And those who commit such crimes should be punished in the same way they did with the victim. The similar Nirbhaya case was atleast brought into attention but this news is not being noticed by much. No more Nirbhayas should be born. Gudiya must get justice.