Is GUN CONTROL an effective method to reduce the Crime ?

Gun Control

The most debated point in US history is Gun Control. Many politicians won elections by creating a chasm between US citizens on this topic. Various arguments and facts represented and also sometimes distorted by proponents and opponents of Gun regulating law.

Opponents of the gun-regulating law argue that because of fear of retaliation from the victim, attacker will think twice before attacking. The Second argument of opponents is that in countries where Gun control is strictly followed, homicides and crimes are still high. The third argument is that since 70 million of guns are present in US market, it is very difficult to implement Gun control law.

Above mentioned points seem valid and logical but when Los Angeles and Orlando like attacks happen we need to ask ourselves a question that if these attackers did not have an easy access to a gun, would have been they able to carry out such a mass destruction? In these attacks up to which extent retaliation theory worked?

When an attacker kills someone, fear of retaliation or getting caught becomes secondary, because if he is really fearful of consequences, he would not attack someone in first place. The second argument about statistics regarding criminality rate is basically flawed because criminality rate cannot be analyzed in a single dimension.

There might be other prevalent factors also apart from Gun control in these countries which contributed in rise of criminality. For the third argument which states about implementation, predicament can also be overcome by the advance state machinery. And USA has most advanced police and intelligence agencies which are completely capable to implement strict Gun control if this law is actually implemented.

Citing statistics and misinformed studies continuously dragging away people from strong Gun control perception. And major culprits are politicians whose political campaigns are funded by rich Gun manufacturers. The rate at which hostility is increasing around the world and especially in the USA, these easily accessible weapons are that spark which needed to explode a bomb to wipe out humanity from the earth. As far as lobbying from gun manufacturers will not stop and politicians will not start thinking about the future generation in real means, this debate is perpetual in nature.