Gurmehar Kaur, Freedom Of Expression, Victimisation and the Hypocrisy

Freedom of Expression
On 26 Feb 2016, a placard emerges out of nowhere and fires a whole new debate between the nationalist section and the one advocating freedom of expression. Before writing about this I want to clear I respect all women around me. I have been a good son, brother and a friend to many. I help women in distress and take stand for them whenever the situation requires. But at the same time, I am saddened at the hypocrisy propagating in the name of feminism. I feel for guys like Sarabajit and have no respect for pretentious people like Rohtak Sisters or Jasleen Kaur. I can be a person who respects women and also question their hypocrisy? I can be normal, right? I can have my freedom of expression.
Moving on, the whole debate centres around one thing Right to Freedom of Expression. Every “Indian” has the right to freedom of expression. But there is a line. The line is the constitution of India. You can’t advocate for the division of country called India citing the fundamental Rights of the same Indian constitution. You have the right to freedom of expression only because you are presumed to have a strong belief in the Constitution of India. From more than 625 states and provinces, we were made into One incredible Country. And the constitution was formed so that integrity and prosperity of that diversified Country is withheld. If you advocate for the division of the country and you think raising slogans like “ Kashmir mange Azadi, bastar mange Azadi” is Freedom of expression? Sorry, it is not. You enjoy the right to freedom of expression only because you are an Indian. If a student at a University is allowed to shout such slogans, how will you differentiate between a Sleeper Cell active terrorist funded by ISIS or ISI and a student?
Where are we taking ourselves as a country? Is it what unity in diversity stands for? Is this what you took as the pledge? No, I am not giving the famous Soldier argument, I am telling you the truth. You enjoy rights but you also have your duties towards Nation as a whole. I am only giving you a reason to introspect. If you think, you can go beyond the constitution of India you are definitely not an Indian national. And if somebody brands you an anti-national, it won’t be totally wrong as that would be his/her freedom of expression. The fundamental rights, they are two way. Also, Nationalism has always been our forte. From Alexander to Turks, Mughals to British, whenever we were invaded, we united and fought back due to one factor, Nationalism. Unlike western countries, no socialist or communist ideology had been in our history. So instead of following others, look back into what is you. You are an Indian.
Now coming back to the whole Gurmehar episode, some articles in various news dailies surfaced claiming a Kargil Martyr Daughter protesting against ABVP. However, I want to make clear that I believe that a college is an institution for gaining knowledge and not the one to spread your political agenda. Who is right, alleged goons from ABVP, alleged rapist from AISF, alleged violent protestors from AISA, or the alleged hypocrites from SFI? I don’t know. And it doesn’t matter. They all represent one or the other political party. They all are culprits if they have broken a law.
Just after the articles were visible everywhere, a pic surfaced, with Ms Kaur holding a placard which said: “ Pakistan did not kill my father, War did”. A massive social media outrage followed it. Nationalists were hurt. They retorted and exercised their freedom of expression. Liberals claimed it as an attack on freedom of expression or the cooler form FOE. There were battles, wars, casualties and loss of common sense all on the social Media.
There was one view and then there was other. Some claimed Some did not have the audacity to respect a Martyr’s daughter. Similarly, I also had one. I am making it public now.
Dear Gurmehar Kaur,
We respect your father’s sacrifice. You should do that too. Your father was an army man. You are not. Your father died protecting the country. You have made peace with it. What your father represent is patriotism which is not limited to your father itself. It’s a feeling of the entire nation. There are many daughters in this nation who have not made peace with it. And guess what you are not even qualified to represent your father. While your father fought against Pakistani forces gave his own life for the nation, you are here using his name to justify your protest against a student wing. You being a Martyr’s daughter should have respected his martyrdom.
Well, That was just my freedom of expression and you are free to agree or disagree. Moving further on one side Sportsman like Virender Sehwag, Yogeshwar Dutt, Phogat Family and actors like Randeep Hooda questioned the hypocrisy, on the other hand, a trail of journalists, intellectuals and Bollywood thinktanks stood with the girl. The debate which started from Nationalism, passing through feminism, male patriarchal society to a poor kid trolled by great Men. It went hither and thither. There were chants of Bharat Mata ki Jai at the same time there were many mocking the idea. It was a social Kurukshetra in the making. To such extent that Learned people like Javed Akhtar questioned their learning by calling Sportspersons like Phogat sisters illiterate. Which was countered by their Father Mahavir Phogat in a very sad tweet which said “ Zindagi laga di desh ko Medal dilane me. Ek pal nahi lagate ye hame anpadh batane me”. Whatever happened was wrong from both sides. And the only victim was the integrity of a country called India.
The Victimisation
Soon there was a video shared on social Media. The video was 1 year old and it first surfaced on 3 May 2016 on youtube. It was made by Ram Subramanian the man behind Voice of Ram. He is also responsible for advocating peace between two nations and has been alleged to be part of the AAP IT cell. The video had many placards and all of them were interrelated and it in fact alleged to prove that the placard which got viral was from this video. And as claimed by some the girl was the victim of Social Media trolling. And we as a country again have failed. The video and placards were situational and limited to voice of Ram. Gurmehar also claimed to have received rape threats which are condemnable on all sorts whatever side you may be on. And we would expect her to make sure the culprits are punished and a good example is set for everyone, right? Well, Not really.
The Hypocrisy
As the events unfolded the hypocrisy seem to have exposed. We will be attaching few attachments of tweets by NDTV on 2nd May 2016 and will prove that the whole set of events are the victim of nothing but Hypocrisy.
Freedom of expression
From Journalists like Barkha Dutt to Shekhar Gupta, the whole of left-lib intelligentsia claimed that Gurmehar have been in fact a victim of ignorance by the so-called Nationalist brigade. I watched the whole video. And it satisfies their claim that this was not just one play card. And the Video was released on 3rd may 2016 itself. Okay, cool. Agreed.
But no one had any idea that the video which was said to be released on 3rd May 2016 is based on the interview done by Barkha Dutt the former NDTV journalist on 2nd May 2016 ( according to reports by Media Crooks). We checked and verified that it is true. The question being how come whatever Miss Gurmehar told to Barkha Dutt NDTV ( Check the screenshot attached) was same to same, almost word by word everything in the interview was included in the video of Ram Subramanian, the alleged member of AAP IT Cell. Even a layman could see a relation between the two.
So no, what Gurmehar did in the placards was not situational. Either it is her view or it seems more like made under an external influence. It’s just that the video didn’t get viral then which was intended. In fact in every newspaper article, it was mentioned daughter of Kargil Martyr, daughter of Kargil Hero. However The reports from Army’s record her Father Captain Mandeep Singh did not get martyred in the Kargil War but in fact lost his life in the Poonch sector attack by state-sponsored Pakistani terrorists. If this is not propaganda what is? Shouldn’t news dailies take responsibility of this and issue an apology clarifying on the usage of Kargil Martyr? Shouldn’t Barkha Dutt and others also tell the truth to the others that placards were the result of an NDTV interview.
People like Virender Sehwag have also exercised their Freedom Of Expression and given their reaction to it. Why should we just listen to Miss gurmehar and not views of Saurabh Kalia’s Father and the paralympic medalist Deepa Malik?
So if the placards were not situational, then is it a coincidence that Gurmehar repeated exactly everything that she said in the ndtv studio in the Ram Subramanian Video? Or is it that Gurmehar repeated everything written in script by our new script writer Barkha Dutt. I don’t know. But if this is true, Indians get ready to hold your head in shame for something you didn’t do. Get ready to understand that we as a country failed as we also exercised our freedom of expression on the poor kid. Ohh sorry, adult. Okay, I am confused. I mean 20 years old is what? As both has been used time to time by Ms Rana Ayyub to describe her. Indian Men get ready to be ridiculed as a country of assaulters and rapists, just because some 20-year-old girl left the battle. Is it because the planted Rape threatener turned out to be from AISF? In fact Gurmehar did not even report them to cyber cell. She went to DCW instead of Delhi Police. Delhi Police and in fact the accused ABVP filed a FIR for her.
Indian girls and ladies get ready to be portrayed as weak victims in the male patriarchal Society just because somebody claiming to be a victim of rape threat couldn’t go along with FIR herself even when the whole country is standing with her? This is all a 20-year-old can take? Aren’t you sending a wrong message to girls out there who are ready to fight? Do it for the Girls, Gurmehar, Do it for your sisters and friends for whom you stood. You have media at your disposal, police at your service, Country standing by you. What is stopping you? Not every girl in India is lucky to have such support. Neither is Prerna Bhardwaj, An NCC Cadet who had her clothes torn, in the same fight. Nor was Janvi Behal, a 15-year-old who was trolled and abused online for raising her voice against the anti-national slogans by likes of Kanhayia and Umar Khalid. They are also daughters of India. However, the left lib intelligentsia did not care about them. But they care about you. It’s positive for the future of Nation. Fight back Gurmehar. Get noted down proudly in the history as a fighter like your father rather than a hypocrite. The fight is above you now. Do it for the country Gurmehar. Fight Back.
Indians, get ready to think you live in a country which is fascist, tyrannical, anarchist, undemocratic and every word that can demean India in the intellectual dictionary. And this will continue till we have the results of UP elections and Manipur elections out. Why? Come on. Intolerance 2 is on the cards. And just like the Award Wapsi brigade which went into deep oblivion after Bihar elections, nobody will care about the daughter of Late Captain Mandeep Singh who gave even his life for the integrity of the country. Incredible India, really?