Doctors: The celebrity of Health Day


I worked for PRACTO. Practo is all about information technology in medical field and we sold software to all kinds of doctors (rich, poor, good human being, bad human being etc.)

As today WHO celebrates World health day. And since you may have already read various articles about health and its importance, today I would like to write about a different but most important thing related to health of people. I will talk about DOCTORS and their life. As they are the ones who keeps us healthy, when we don’t keep ourselves healthy enough.

I have been through an enormous amount of blogs and consume enough hatred towards doctors and various stories of misdeeds done by them.  Well as a human being it’s normal that people highlight only negative things.

Those who bash doctors with their pens and blame them for being money mongers and most unethical professionals never actually met the real ones.  I in my career of 18 months in PRACTO met more than 1000 doctors, did lunch with them, played with their children and learned more about them than just the white blazer and injections.

So I will be writing down my point of view and the other &and more original side of them.

Disclaimer: The points I have made below is keeping in the mind about the majority of them.

  1. They are brilliant intellects.
  2. After passing 12th they study almost 9-12 years to be what they are. ( As MBBS doesn’t fulfill their needs or satisfy their minds)
  3. They work for more than 12 hours a day and under immense pressure. (As they deal with someone’s life, not with pie charts or data)
  4. They start living or having a career of their own after the age of 35 years approximately.
  5. When they start making enormous amount of money, they become too old to go to Hawaii or have BBQ chicken with Rum due to health restrictions.

So they basically live their life as a doctor rather than living their life as an individual self.


So today on this special occasion let’s forget all the wrong deeds you have heard about them and thank them for being there always when we need them.


We don’t need so much hatred in society, we have to respect everyone. To spread hatred we already have Trump, ISIS or 100 taka tanch maal waale diggi raja.