Why ” Hindi ” is a must watch movie for all … ?


Movies like Hindi are a reflection of the society and times we are living in. They often educate us on topics of social relevance. From dowry to child marriage; female infanticide to cleanliness…they have dealt with all sensitive aspects of life.
Hindi medium is a movie that actually deals with an altogether different issue.  It educates us about the education system in India. How parents are obsessed with the idea of elite class education! The movie talks about loopholes in our education system and our government turning a deaf ear towards it.
There are rules, no doubt, but those actually make our system even more biased and unapproachable for one and all.
When it comes to education. .. good quality education. ..it is a right of every child. As parents we all wish our children to get the best. Sometimes we are even ready to give up on our luxuries, comforts and basic needs to provide our children with good education.
The movie very nicely depicts the mindset of parents who are educated but not well versed in the English language. How they are looked down upon by the school administration, society, and elite English speaking parents. It’s an irony that in a country where Hindi is the mother tongue, society gives an upper hand to those who speak fluent English. Of course, as a language, it is praiseworthy to know English as a second language but overlooking our mother tongue because of it, should not be acceptable.
I remember as a student of an English medium school, my mother (who of course didn’t know English)was never looked down upon by my school teachers. In fact, my teachers always appreciated the fact that as a mother she was giving me the best.
But as the times have changed! We have become more advanced and technology oriented, our mindset and thinking have become more obsolete and narrow. Education today is no more about knowledge or learning, it’s about how fluent English we speak up, how smartly we dress up, how rich we are to flaunt our riches….
Instead of making our coming generations independent and knowledgeable, we are making them dependent on gadgets and technology. Learning is an art which should make one capable of thinking, analyzing and differentiating between the right and the wrong. But today our education is based on studying in a high-class elite school where the school creates a hole in our pockets through their out of budget fee structures and never ending demands.
In the present scenario, a normal middle-class parent can’t even imagine sending his child to such business organizations. .. called schools!! Schools provide you everything today comfortable and child-friendly furniture, air conditioned classrooms, smart uniforms (countless variety), suburb environment but what they lack is quality education.
Language is just a medium of learning. It should never be a parameter for knowledge.