India, NSG and the Chaining of the Dragon

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As the G20 summit progressed, A new set of alignment is coming in place. South China sea is turning into a world war situation. With China increasing her dominion on all fellow coastal countries. With America threatened of her Supremacy and Japan threatened by her Neighbourhood, India is emerging as the control tower for halting China like once NATO was formed to contain Russia. So an India-US-Japan alignment is seen to stop China. India empowering Vietnam could be seen as one of the major steps to counter China Empowering Pakistan. The Gwadar port gateway of China-Pakistan corridor if made will mark the Chinese dominion in Asia on Land. Pakistan doesn’t realise that Pakistan won’t even remain Pakistan it is right now. It will be China.

CHINA PAKISTAN Economic corridor is not an economic corridor. It is a Chinese Colonisation corridor which will mark the end of the country called Pakistan. CPEC is making of Tibet part 2 just worse. Similarly, China wants her control on the South China Sea. India’s Chabahar is a reply to China’s Gwadar. The way India for the first time is looking at the eastern countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan as allies, it is a very important step to contain China.

India’s plan is simple, almost similar to that of Chhatrapati Shivaji against Mughals. Befriend all those on China sea who fear China. empower them like China is empowering Pakistan, attack from all sides. Give the enemy in their own words. It is not an India-Pakistan thing anymore. It’s a situation of an emerging world war. Militarily and Economically. And you may not want to believe it but India is at the Centre of it. Pakistan is a sold puppet who will never get Kashmir. It is either India or China.

Pakistan has this habit of always having that feeling that you are enslaving people. Then Bangladesh and now Balochistan. But the reality is they itself are enslaved. First Britishers then Arabs and now Chinese. India raising the issue in UN is no surprise. It’s good that we have presented the world a dominating, authoritarian India at UN. It would be interesting to see Russia who on one hand is supporting China in G20, on the other hand, is selling deadly weapons to India. Maybe Russia just wants to be the dealer and gain from the war. Getting an ally like India in this situation the US will be much more relieved. Hence, the eight meetings of Obama-Modi. However, now that we have President Trump in the equation, the whole formula may change.

China openly advocates hypocrisy and wants India to limit itself. Hilarious isn’t it? Well, China is a country that takes hypocrisy to a whole new level in fact well above Pakistan.

  • China may project itself be a signatory to NPT but it has indulged significantly in nuclear proliferation. Be it providing tritium gas to Pakistan for 10 nuclear weapons in 1986, including Pakistan in Lo Nor Test site in 1989 or CNEIC assisting  5000 special designed ring magnets to Pakistan, China has openly and authoritatively broken basics of Nuclear Proliferation Treaty.


  • China’s evil plan of time of time support to North Korea is also not a hidden one. It has been supporting the North Koreans develop nuclear weapons and missiles, supplying uranium, components for nukes, mobile launchers for long-range ballistic missiles, and maybe even plans for submarine-launched missiles.


  • China being a member of Chemical Weapons convention (CWC) is also a joke. In 1993 US State Department Compliance Report stated that China continues to produce, and weaponize biological agents despite joining the biological warfare convention (BWC). Though China declared in 1997 that it had dismantled the ‘offensive’ chemical warfare (CW) the US maintains China has an ‘advanced’ CW program under cover of R&D. 


  • China’s current stance that it does not believe in waivers, (NPT in the case of NSG membership) is hollow because China itself agreed to a waiver in favour of India during the Indo-US Nuclear Deal of 2008.



The Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) established in April 1987[1] by the G7 countries: CanadaFranceGermanyItalyJapanGreat Britain, and the United States of America. The MTCR was created in order to curb the spread of unmanned delivery systems for nuclear weapons, specifically delivery systems that could carry a payload of 500 kg for a distance of 300 km. ( Wikipedia )


However, MTCR has its limitations. Despite its efforts, Iran, India, North Korea, and Pakistan continue to advance their missile programs. All four countries, with varying degrees of foreign assistance, have deployed medium-range/long-range ballistic missiles that can travel more than 1,000 kilometres and are exploring missiles with much greater ranges. With Agni VI developed my India being only second to United states in terms of long-range missiles with range as large as 12000 km.

Despite all that, owing to the efforts made by the Indian Prime Minister, India formally applied for membership to the group in June 2015 and with active support from France and the United States, it officially became a member on 27 June 2016 with the consensus of the 34 member nations. India’s entry into MTCR is the deepest cut that India left in China. MTCR membership will not only let India buy high-end missile technology, enhance ventures with its joint member Russia but also it will allow India to have the surveillance predator drones and UAVs from the United States. India will finally get its hands on the Reaper and Global hawk.
Addition to that are sanctions imposed by US and EU on China in 2014 on its missile technology is also hurting China.
MTCR countries have always been concerned about China providing dangerous sensitive technology to North Korea. China signing the resolution adopted by the 15-member Security Council to put a ban on North Korean copper, nickel, silver and zinc exports should only be considered a needle in the haystack. So China being a part of MTCR with its forever going hypocritical attitude is definitely a no-no.

Now only India, Israel and Pakistan have not signed NPT. Even a layman would understand why China wants India to sign NPT. Pakistan is China’s mask to carry out its evil agenda towards world dominance. China wants India to sign NPT but not Pakistan. Israel and Pakistan being not part of NPT balances the equation between China and US. India is the trump card which turns out is not a slave one to be taken for granted. No wonder Chinese are pissed. The peoples Republic of China is bound to oppose India’s entry into NSG. If India is to control Asia as it is the only country which can maintain a balance between Russia and US, China’s dream of world dominance will pause forever.

The supersonic Akash is an almost entirely Indian designed and built weapon – 96 percent, according to a Times of India report. It was developed by Bharat Dynamics Limited, a 47-year-old company under the control of India’s Ministry of Defence. India’s plan to sell Akash and then Brahmos is sending chills all across the PRC. Vietnam is a country which dumped the US offer openly but is ready to have India as the seller and preferably an ally is a great achievement of Narendra Modi government. Vietnam was the world’s eighth largest weapons importer from 2011-2015, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. No wonder, Chinese media is panicked. You can see the dragon getting restless on the deployment of Brahmos on the Arunachal borders. Maybe the dragon rider has too much to avenge, maybe make them remember 1962 in the South China sea. Maybe unless they stop intervening in POK. The ball is not yet in the Chinese court.

“Clearly there is one outlier that needs to be addressed and that is China,” Nisha Desai Biswal, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, told PTI in an interview. And this outlier cannot stop us much longer. India anyways enjoys most of the NSG benefits without being its member. It is a building block, however, if India is to claim a permanent membership at UN. India’s commitments on nonproliferation to the NSG in 2008 that won it an exemption for civil nuclear trade will suffice for its entry into the group, people familiar with the matter said. India got an unconditional waiver from NSG in 2008. India is seeking membership of the NSG on the grounds that it is already doing business with the members of the group and that it has an impeccable non-proliferation record. China’s hidden agenda is to include Pakistan as part of NSG who applied after India. However, even a layman knows Pakistan’s nonproliferation record. Crazy statements by its ministers on bombing India with their third-grade missile technology is not something that’s new. I saw a smile there. China can try all their might to stop India’s entry into NSG, but not much longer. Recent draft prepared by former NSG chairman Rafael Mariano Grossi has only indicated of India’s increasing chances towards NSG. If India gets the Swiss support, China would look dumb to oppose India thereafter. China and its media are all panicked.


And recent statements made by the China’s foreign ministry delegation are also part of this panic. “I just want to point out that NSG membership shall not be some kind of (a) farewell gift for countries to give to each other,” a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said on Monday, taking a dig at the Obama administration.  However, External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Vikas Swarup took a dig at China “India is not seeking NSG membership as a gift. India is seeking it on its non-proliferation record”. Also, China should not forget it was our great danveer Nehru who denied NSG membership and the permanent seat in UN and gave it all on their platter. Without India’s advocacy and support, China could never become a permanent member of UN. It is again hypocritical of the Ehsan Faramosh Chinese to oppose India’s entry into NSG. Don’t they have honour? The answer is no.
Also, China’s problems are not less. It can’t afford enmity with the fastest growing economy in the world. With South Korea all set to adopt Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD), the crazy north Korean threat over South Korea will start losing its value and china’s problems will mount. Beijing is desperately trying to oppose that. North Korea is a bullet which is loaded in the Chinese rifle with Pakistan being next. Beijing also needs New Delhi’s help on South Waters. Beijing desperately wants India to advocate their entry into MTCR. Let’s call the Chinese bluff of reaching Delhi in 48 hours. Shall we?


The point is what will India do? Is India ready for this threat? Is it wise to reply China eye to eye? Or should we just abstain from everything? Should we have us repeated 1962? We are moving away from our policy of Non-Alignment, the Nehruvian policy. Can we see it as a major step in getting the permanent place in UN? But the way China is not accepting global laws and breaking them openly. Even if there was no Modi working against it day and night, the Chinese threat was always there. Chinese dominion is ringing in Asia Pacific and it is we and only we who has the ability to stop them.

The recent developments in the world arena are no less than a puzzle. And the biggest fool that is going to emerge out of this chaotic world puzzle is Pakistan.
Dear Pakistan, you are ready to get loaded in the mess called CPEC, but remember, it is Made in China.