Indian Army Chief as “Sadak Ka Gunda” – Intellectuals and their hypocrisy


The people of a nation sleep well at night because some people stay awake for them throughout the night hundreds and thousands of kilometers away. Those “some people” are none other than the ‘soldiers’. Yes, it’s the soldiers who sacrifice their own personal comfort and pleasures for the sake of the country so that the citizens of that country can live in peace. Therefore it’s the duty of every citizen to respect and be thankful to the soldiers for their selfless service. But what if some people consistently demonize or abuse the same soldiers, who put their lives at stake to make sure that those people live in peace and enjoy all the freedom of life, for fulfilling their utmost narrow and cheap political agenda? Such level of ungratefulness has been lately shown by some influential people in different circles, be it academia or politics.The most recent shocker has come from Sandeep Dixit (Congress leader and son of Ex Delhi CM Mrs. Sheila Dixit) who called the Indian Army Chief as “Sadak Ka Gunda” (A street goon). What made him say such a nasty thing about the chief is not clear. Is it because of the fact that the new army chief is more vocal than his predecessors? Is it because of his personal dislike for Gen Bipin Rawat? Is it because of frustration due to back to back electoral defeats which have made Congress so intellectually bankrupt that its leaders are unable to distinguish between the civilian government and the army? It’s not the first time leaders of Congress have embarrassed the Indian army and the country in general. When the surgical strike was conducted against the terrorists a few months ago, another Congress leader named Sanjay Nirupam went on to describe it as a political stunt by the government. This is in line with the other derogatory comments made by the so-called “intellectuals” like Partha Chatterjee who compared the Indian Army Chief with General Dyer or Communists like  Kodiyeri Balakrishnan who claimed that Indian Army could abduct and rape.There are plenty of such derogatory comments that have been made against the army time and again. Listing all of them will be a waste of time and energy but it’s important to note that apart from demoralizing the armed forces, all these ridiculous comments are picked up by the Pakistani media and is further used by Pakistani military establishment for propaganda purposes against in Indian army and to recruit jihadists for LeT or JuD.

So without getting into who said what, it is important to know about the repercussions that it will have on the morale of Indian Army and on the overall credibility and integrity of India. The Army fights wars to maintain the territorial integrity of the country. Apart from that, the army also fights terrorists and infiltration to make sure that peace prevails. In the event of natural disasters, it’s the army which comes forward to help those who suffer. It’s needless to remind the contribution and selfless service of Indian army during the destructive floods in Uttarakhand and J&K,  prompt action during Nepal earthquake, rescue operation in war-torn Yemen. The list goes really long. So it’s easy for politicians, intellectuals, and columnists to sit in AC rooms and comment on the army under the garb of the much touted  “freedom of speech” but it’s a hell of a job to serve the country. Arrest or actions against such people would be the dictatorship. The best way to counter their propaganda is by using the same weapon that they use against the army i.e freedom of speech. Hold debates with them, hold seminars to call their bluff, expose them.