I support the right policies of any political party-Dr. Awdhesh K Singh


Factuals got an opportunity to interview one of the top Quora writers in the world and Fomer Commissioner at IRS (Customs and Central Excise) Dr. Awdhesh K Singh. With 93000 followers and 37.3 million views, he has 12th rank (just after Barack Obama) in the world of Quora. He has become a celebrity on social media.

Two books “Practicing Spiritual Intelligence” and “The Secret Red Book of Leadership” has been published till now by Dr. Awdhesh K Singh.

Dr. Awdhesh K Singh is known for his detailed but to the point writing and provides his immense knowledge of Government of India and philosophy of life freely to all the people in the world.  He has recently started his own Youtube Channel and provides lessons on online portal UNACADEMY.


We asked Dr. Awdhesh K Singh some personal questions and took his expert thoughts on some of the current affairs happening in India which are as follows:


1: What’s your daily routine like after retirement? 


I usually get up at around 6.30 AM. I go for a walk at around 7 AM after taking morning tea. I come back at around 8 AM and read a newspaper for around 15 minutes. Thereafter, I start my day which consists of (i) answering questions on Quora (ii) Reading books, (iii) writing (iv) preparing lessons for Unacademy or YouTube. During the day, I take the break for lunch, evening walk and dinner. My day ends at around 10.30 PM.


2: Do you enjoy having a huge fan base? Do you support the thought that it brings a lot of responsibilities to you as well? 


It feels great when a large number of people like your answers and follow you. However, it also increases your responsibility since people also develop high expectations from you. I have to ensure that my answers meet the expectations of my readers.


3: What do you think about IMF cutting India’s GDP by 1%?


Indian economy is likely to slow down post-monetization because all economic activities that were based on cash transactions are likely to suffer for a couple of months due to reduced cash supply. This must be the reason for the reduction of the growth rate. However, it should pick up soon.


4: Many people think that you support BJP. Is it true? Do you have any plans to join politics in future?


I am not a political person. I support the right policies of any political party. I have supported some policies of BJP but I shall also criticize them if I find that they are doing something wrong. I have no intention to join politics.


5: Has demonetization achieved its objective as set by prime minister?  


Demonetization was a hard step for solving the problem of black money and corruption in India. Its result shall be visible in future as the cashless transaction would pick up and the supply of black money in the system would come down. Its impact is already visible in the real estate sectors where the property rates have reduced considerably. The prices of gold have also seen a downside mainly due to curbing the supply of black money.


6: What encourages you to write about stuff? Is it your hobby (after retirement)?


I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with people. When you write something, you are the biggest gainer since you learn in the process and your own thoughts become clearer. When you find that people are liking your answer as your answers are helping them lead a better life, you feel great satisfaction in your heart.


7: With under 20%. Skilled labor. Can India ever become a manufacturing hub?


I think the greatest problem in the path of India becoming a great manufacturing hub is the difficulties in acquiring the land and the lack of infrastructures like road and power supply.  The poor law and order situation in many states also deters the investors in manufacturing. Skilled manpower should not be much of an issue. Once there is a demand, there will always be sufficient supply of skilled manpower.


8: Do you watch sports? Have you played any in your early days?


I don’t have much interest in sports. I sometimes watch cricket and lawn tennis. I used to play cricket, badminton, and TT during my early days.


9: What do you think about GST bill? How much of an impact may the GST bill have on our economy?


I personally feel that GST is going to create more problems than it solves. The idea of dual control by Centre and State governments in India is difficult to be implemented. GST also proposes 6-8 slabs of taxation while we visualized one rate only in the beginning.  It is going to make the life of service tax assesses and retailers quite difficult, at least in the short run.


10: Do you think Indian bureaucracy have too much power and the bureaucrats misuse them sometimes?


I am not against empowering the government officers in India. However, they must also be accountable for the use or misuse of power. They must be punished severely when they misuse the power. This is missing unfortunately in the present government services.


11: What do you think about startup culture in India?


It is a good sign for the development of India. No country can become developed unless there are a large number of entrepreneurs to lead the economy. It is good to see many startups coming up all over India. The present government is also supporting the startups.  It augurs well for India.


12: Do you think what we (Factuals) are doing will bring any positive results in society?


Factuals News is a great initiative to present a new perspective to the people for having a comprehensive view of the matter.


13: When we are going to read your next book? 


My new book is to be released shortly.  We are at the final stage of the editing process. It should take around two more months. This book deals with the effect of religion and mythologies on the society.


Factuals admire the simplicity of Dr. Awdhesh K Singh and thanks him for giving us the Interview.