KR Narayanan- A Dalit President buried in a cemetery


After lots of derangement over a twin tomb found in a non denominational cemetery run by the Delhi cemetery committee, exclusive for Christians, named after India’s first Dalit president Late shri. KR Narayanan and his wife Late Mrs. Usha Narayanan a Christian, daughter Chitra Narayanan has opened up about late president’s second Christian burial.

She, through an email to outlook has informed that the second burial was granted to the late president as per the wish of his wife.

Mrs. Usha Narayanan (original name-Tint Tint) was of Burmese origin, an Evangelist protestant, who met the former president during his term in Rangoon as an Indian Foreign Service Official. They pick up liking each other and got married in 1950. She later adopted the name Usha.

After president Narayanan died on 9thNovember 2005,he was cremated as per Hindu rites in Karma Bhoomi near Rajghat. Some amount of his ashes was preserved by his wife late. Usha Narayanan with a wish that those ashes must be cremated along side her tomb after her death.

The couple is survived by the daughters Chitra, Amrita and Chandrika. Chitra Narayanan, former IFS officer being the eldest one.