Yes, lynching is bad and the selective outrage and politicization make it worst!


Against the backdrop of the lynch map of India, Mohammed Asaruddin, a 22-year-old, read out from what he called his brother Junaid’s ‘letter to his mother’. He read “ Dear Ma, I am home. You wanted me to buy new clothes in Delhi but fate has landed me in heaven, where you don’t have marauding mobs. I am home. Your Junaid.

This was a part of the protest #NotInMyName which was organized by the leftists on June 28 at Jantar mantar against the atrocities put upon Muslims and Dalits by the majority community of India under the name of Hindu terrorism.

What we missed there was no outrage against the lynching of DSP Ayyub Pundit after he was caught recording something suspicious going on inside Jama Masjid, Srinagar, just a day before Junaid was killed by the mob over a seat which was very cleverly presented as a communal carnage for beef.

There were various placards displaying “Not In My Name”, some of them reading “No place for Islamophobia” “stop Hindu terror” “No to cow terrorism” “Justice for Junaid, justice for humanity” but not a single one which read justice for DSP Ayyub Pundit or the BJP-RSS leaders being killed in Kerala or Sawan Dharma Rathod.

Lynching someone for whatever reason is simply inhumane, unlawful, and unconstitutional. Nobody has the right to take law in his/her hands, but the same way how great is it to politicize these heinous acts? The Indian National Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi said to ANI in an interview that lynching incidents have not happened since the last 70 years but are happening now in the name of cow protection. Is this really true? Let’s talk about Junaid’s case here, he was killed due to some seat’s issue but the media and the political outlets left no stone unturned to give it a communal angle by calling it a beef lynching; their sole intention? To prove the HINDUTVA TERROR.

But what Singhvi forgot was 1984 Sikh riots when almost 8000 Sikhs were selectively “lynched” due to “falling off a tree”. The “lynching” of Kashmiri pundits where they had to leave their homes to avoid their misfortune.

Were they not human enough to be included under humanity or were they less Indian to be spoken about? Yes, lynching is bad and the selective outrage and politicization make it worst!