Manipur Economic Blockade. Why you should care !


The economic blockade began in Manipur on 1st November 2016 is not showing any end till now. There are only speculations of resolving the dispute between the government of Manipur and United Naga Council (UNC) thrived from the formation of seven new districts, but the controversy has put a difficult life to inhabitants of Manipur. While on one side, chief minister of Manipur Okram Ibobi Singh is adamant on his decision of forming seven new districts by citing its ease of administration proceedings, UNC members are saying that they have not been consulted while taking this decision. Since this decision of government of Manipur has divided land of Nagas and as UNC wanted to merge their area into Nagaland to form a large autonomous Naga prefecture, this may be one of the reason of economic blockade by Nagas and apart from this, one more reason can be that the administrative rights of these new semi-autonomous districts will be less as their area has been reduced.

The unswerving attitude of Manipur govt. and UNC has made the life of residents of Manipur miserable. There are two national highways viz. NH 2 and NH 37 to reach Imphal, the capital of Manipur which are blocked by Nagas since 1 November. This leads to scarcity of oil in Manipur which resulted in black marketing of oil. Some sources have revealed that oil is 150 Rs/liter in Manipur these days. Thousands of trucks carrying essential commodities are stranded at various places on the highway. As a result supply of goods is badly affected, consequently prices of everyday needs are skyrocketing. During a talk with a Manipuri personal, it is revealed that prices of potatoes are 30 Rs/kg and that of Cauliflower is 50 Rs/Kg. The LPG cylinder used in day to day cooking in not easily available even at a price of 2000 Rupees. The same person also revealed that such blockade always remains there however after formation of new districts, blockade becomes stringent. Since this news in nowadays in national media so UNC members are consistently engaged to make blockade the harshest to prove themselves a strong organization.

Day by day, the situation is worsening in Manipur. Even after the conversation with big faces of Indian politics and government, there is not a single ray of hope. There were no fruitful results of the recent meeting among union home ministry, UNC and Manipur govt. at Imphal. Some sources revealed that initially Manipur govt. was denying whereas now UNC is causing problems. Previously central govt. gave a hope after the meeting at Delhi on 3rd February but this recent meeting has made it clear that this Economic Blockade is not going to end soon.
It is a tough task to speculate that when this war between the two communities of Manipur will end but as in any such protests, youth always plays a bigger role and this three months long continuing blockade has proved that even in 21st century, a large part of youth in Manipur is beyond their career and education and indulged in such activities. It is a point to think that both the ruling parties in Manipur are adamant on their demand rather than thinking of public and their problems. Central and state govt. are doing nothing except giving a false hope.

There is a one more of this case is that currently there is congress in the state government and if the matter does not get resolved even after the intervention of central govt. then it will directly affect the image of BJP and congress may want to take advantage of this is denying to resolve the issue. On the other hand, in the upcoming elections in Manipur position of BJP is not strong. In that case, if BJP and UNC allied than BJP will become strong in Manipur. Two bigger political parties of our country are supporting a different community in Manipur for their own benefits whereas public is still in trouble which is certainly not a democracy.