MCD elections


The recent bypoll assembly election for the Rajauri Garden seat in Delhi has started blowing totally different wave 20 days before the upcoming MCD elections. Whereas in 2015, AAP won this seat with a massive majority, only after two years of government, even the deposit of the AAP candidate is confiscated. This is a strong shock for the AAP while after losing in back to back elections, congress can take a relief with the results of recent bypoll assembly election in Delhi.

As the MCD elections are only a fortnight away, so the results can be accepted as a good luck for BJP and congress and as a complete failure for the AAP government. Delhi CM Kejriwal’s politics of blaming other politicians and getting votes is suffering and the recent elections in the Goa, Punjab, UP are boosting this opinion. Delhi CM has free the electricity and water and people were happy with it, however, they are now looking for something else. There is no doubt that, some sectors like education in govt school, control in private school fees has been improved in Delhi but security, which is the main concern of Delhi is still an issue. CCTV camera installation, free wifi are some of the promises which are yet to be completed. Mumbai has already completed this promise and Delhi govt is busy is advertising their party. Personally, I do not find any logical reason behind advertising the achievements of Delhi govt in all newspaper of Bihar, UP, MP, Gujrat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka at the expense of govt. This is nothing more than an act to popularize AAP with the money of taxpayers and there is no logic in saving some 20 Crore on a project and then spending near about 100 Crore to tell the public about savings of 20 Crore. Apart from that, In the two years of governance of AAP in Delhi, Delhi police has arrested 13 AAP MLAs and one of them, Sandeep Kumar is accused of rape.
In my opinion, people are now looking for a person who actually acts instead of belaboring for not letting him work.

The recent case on the CM itself about a bill of 3 Crore for the payment of fees of lawyer has demolished the non-corrupted person’s (I will not write here “Honest”) image of Delhi CM. One more serious issue after this incident was not attending the Assam High court after summon. This is clearly a sneer at court and such disdain of Indian Judicial System is not at all acceptable. Delhi CM must have to respect the Judicial system with the topmost priority. The recent defeat in Goa with confiscation of deposits of all 40 candidates of AAP and the prodigious victory of BJP in UP is one of the factors which boosted the belief of people in BJP. Also, in spite of the lack of clear majority, the formation of govt with the support of local parties in Manipur and Goa has ameliorated the image of BJP to a great extent. People are more willing to talk about developed, cleaned and digital India rather than hacked EVM and caste based politics. The caste based politics of Delhi CM has also played a vital role in tarnishing of AAP.

The upcoming MCD elections are very important for all the three parties in Delhi viz. BJP, Congress, and AAP. At the one end, Congress and AAP want to win the elections to be in the politics as the main player instead of being in opposition while for BJP it is a matter of respect after winning in a recent election. Nowadays congress party is distraught to keep his paw in the Indian politics. AAP is a new party which is still under construction and bitter results of recent elections have slapped them and this is the time for them to reform but AAP will have to understand that in 2015, public choose them for the development of Delhi, not to caste based politics and belaboring on frivolous issues. The decline of Congress (even in North East) is an example for AAP to learn for their bright future. BJP should also keep in mind that “coming to power is different than retaining the power”. BJP do not want recent wins as a one time show and after winning in UP, Goa, and Manipur, will try best to come back in Delhi too. The key of the clock is in the hand of the public which is the beauty of democracy and now the clock will only decide that who will seat on the chair of MCD – BJP, Congress or AAP.