A Minor Dispute Resulted in Curfew in Jaipur



After rioting in Ramganj police station area of Jaipur city of Rajasthan, curfew has been imposed in four areas including Ramganj. There was a clash between the locals and the police on Friday on a minor issue, after which several vehicles were set on fire. The mob handed over the power house to the fire. After this, here, the mobile internet services have been discontinued and the curfew has been clamped. While removing a rickshaw by a police constable in Ramganj, people got furious after a couple was beaten up. Besides a power house, the mob set fire to the 5 vehicles including a police vehicle, ambulance. The mob also tried to enter the Ramganj police station. The police fired tear gas shells and prevented the crowd by firing several round air fires. In this, eight policemen got injured and one person died by the police firing.

The incident will be sent to an inquiry commission, it may take years to prepare the report. But the fact is very clear that behind this incident, there was neither the hostility of two communities nor any kind of communalism. Prominent reasons were – administrative improvidence and political inaction. Administrative improvidence is seen because the administration has no preparation to deal with such situations. The most sensitive areas of the city have been left without any proper protection; even law and order is hardly seen in the city. Encroachment, dirt, damaged roads are not the problem of a locality but the whole city is facing the same problems. The administration has no time to look into such things.

The root cause of yesterday’s incident in Jaipur was encroachment and tragic traffic, and a single policeman was trying to maintain the things in his ‘own ways’. In this attempt, a minor dispute turned into a huge assault when a leaderless furious crowd got involved and the result is before us. One person is dead and many are injured. But the height of political insensitivity is that not a single word of condolence and sympathy is heard; neither did any appeal for peace is heard until the incident was not brought into the light by media. Even the corporator had not reached on-the-scene, MLA or MP’s arrival cannot be thought. Only the police commissioner was trying to handle the situation.

Everything went on arbitrarily for the whole night. It is said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Unless our officers and politicians stop following the footsteps of Nero, the flames of an area will not take time to be huge and destructive.