Open letter to Mr Tharoor, you will be questioned

Dear Shashi Tharoor
We may have farrago of skills to misunderstand each other. But, why are we evading the right questions which are staring right in to our eyes? Arnab should be thanked for raising this issue. Would you not be interested to know there are mysterious ambiguities about the death of lady you love?
You may say, Why I should be questioned? I am a common man (the real one )  Mr. Tharoor unlike you. And if I would be in your place, for any of the below questions I would be behind bars. But you are not. Giving me more reasons as to why you should be questioned. You should be questioned simply because you are not above the law. Here are few questions I have after the Republic TV report.
1.  Evidence: Sunanda had 54 injury marks on her body found in the autopsy.
Contradiction: The report from the hospital in Kerala says she was perfectly healthy further backed by the AIIMS report.
Question : What happened in 48 hours that laid to 54 marks on a woman’s body before dying?
2. Evidence : Dr. Sudhir Gupta and his colleague Dr. Adarsh Kumar put allegations on then Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad for pressurising them to show the death as natural.
Contradiction : The report was changed 5 times sometimes citing reasons as silly as coconut water to food poisoning. Everything that is possible in the medical book of deceit.
Question : Why was there a need to put pressure on Dr. Sudhir Gupta and his team to show the death as natural?
3. Claim : Shashi tharoor left his room by 7:30 am. Narayan said on prema Sri devi tapes that she was in room 307 all this while.
Contradiction : Republic tapes suggest that Narayan said you came back around 11:30 am. She was however found in room no 345.
Question : Why would you give wrong information to the police ? Either Narayan before or Narayan on tape, one of them is lying. Why was she shifted from room 307 to 345?
4. Claim : Narayan said he left room by 10 am and returned only at 4:30 pm. Between then he says two people came in to room. A driver and staffer.
Contradiction : Why would your driver comeback to room if you were in AICC all the time ?
Question : Who is this staffer ? Was he questioned ? Where is the CCTV footage of the hotel ? It would be foolish to say a 7 star hotel had no cctv footage or was it not examined? Was it destroyed? If yes, by whom?
5. Claim : Shashi Tharoor was in AICC all the time
Contradiction : No one in AICC has vouched for that.
Question: Is there anyone from AICC meeting who can vouch for Tharoor presence all the time?
6. Claim : Tharoor said he had a bad health himself and was hospitalized owing to a cardiac arrest.
Contradiction : Report from aiims says that Shashi Tharoor didn’t have a cardiac arrest ? He was discharged within 4 hrs with aspirin and alfrax.
Question : Why resort to such dramatical theatrics  if you have nothing to hide ?
7. Evidence : The last 5 tweets by Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor was against IPL. She told to a reporter I took upon myself the crimes of this man during IPL [Indian Premier League],” she told the Economic Times. “I will not allow this to be done to me. I just can’t tolerate this.”
Contradiction : She accused a Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar in one of her tweets. According to a statement by senior journalist Nalini Singh, recorded before a subdivisional magistrate (SDM), “the couple had been squabbling for a week before Pushkar’s death and had also got into scuffles over Tharoor’s alleged affair with Pakistani journalist Mehr Tarar”.
Question : Prema Sridevi is wrong. Nalini Singh is wrong. Only a Man with power who has the law under his pocket is right. Why should that be believed ? Mehr Tarar is also alleged to have ISI connection, why was this angle not investigated ?
When money is involved, corruption is involved, a cross border ISI connection is involved. If this is not a conspiracy then what is ?
Delhi police has reopened the case and entire case is now being re-examined. I don’t say you are Murderer, I don’t know that. I am only questioning your ignorance.
How can one be so blatantly blinded in your exasperating ignorance towards pain of a lady who is murdered in unnatural circumstances?  If someone is fluent and excellent at english does that mean he/she is immune to the crime? Since when did vocabulary became evidence for acquittal of a crime? What sort of logic are you portraying here. Aren’t you ashamed?
Does that not make you a hypocritical superlative clown hiding behind thesaurus?
If you are right, Why not file a defamation against the shouting showman and prove your point once and for all. If you will, well and good. If you won’t what does that make you? Introspect for the truth has its way of coming out. Remember that.
Ostentatiously demonstrated austered display of verbal suicide to quench hunger of few vocabulary starved malnourished netizens won’t rescue you, however, a simply worded truth may give you the peace you seek.
Good day to you. Mr. Tharoor