National Ayurveda Day


“Ayurveda is a pseudoscience!” Of course, you’ll get to hear it a lot in this world tyrannized by material reductionist and especially in India this bent of disparaging anything related to Hinduism or The Sanatana Dharma is actually upsurging. And the worse that could ever happen is that even after seven decades of independence, it is just the 2nd Ayurveda Day. How could one even expect to value this beautiful system of medicine despite it’s global acceptance by more than 22 nations when it’s not respected in its own homeland! It’s not the faults of these pseudo-liberals & pseudo seculars tweeting about how worse Ayurveda is, it is the fault of this nation which has failed to proclaim its roots! It’s the fault of the governments and the people who even after attaining independence had chosen to be the slaves of the western conditioning.

No, I’m not against science. Technology is welcomed, always! It’s the key to evolution after all, how can anyone ever neglect to choose technology over conventional praxis? But totally neglecting something which served as the substratum of the whole healthcare to the world aeons back, something completely developed and evolved, through which all the systems of healthcare stemmed out, yep it’s completely fine because who gives a damn to something we have gotten over since so long!

Modern medicine is good! It’s modern, developing and is in accordance with the human being of this era. The lucky thing about our species is that we still haven’t crossed the barriers of the evolution for our current existence and the major portion of our traditional medicine and Ayurveda is still applicable on us. Modern medicine shall write this horizon of being called the best pathy known to the humans sometime later in the next 10 centuries but what could be done to make healthcare more feasible, approachable, accessible and affordable for the world, right now? Maybe the amalgamation?

The amalgamation of the two pathies can definitely bring this revolutionary paradigm shift in the whole healthcare industry across the world! In order to keep up with the time, a technological revolution is necessary, this is why we need research to scientifically acclaim things and to set a threshold or the benchmarks and standards in any discipline. Physiological and biological advancements occurring these days find striking correlations with Ayurvedic dictums which makes it more peculiar that the certain thing has been claimed centuries earlier. Like for instance the Nobel Prizes in Physiology for past two years have such a striking resemblance with the Ayurvedic Principles. But again the old discovery is overshadowed under this banner of mainstream medicine when in reality the science today is actually retracting what we had discovered centuries earlier! The biggest failure of mainstream medicine today is providing the health-sustaining measures whereas Ayurveda provides better aspects for the same. So basically what’s the point of employing such pathy, such so-called mainstream medicine which knows no measures of maintaining and preserving the health of a healthy individual? And as far as the chemicals are considered, let me get you with the fact that Ayurveda is the oldest known system of medicine to employ the use of chemicals for treatment in the forms of reduced minerals, ores, gems and everything crude under this specialised branch ‘Rasa-Shastra’ or the Iatrochemistry. This notion that chemicals are harmful is totally wrong, we ourselves are chemicals at subtler levels, what harm would any other chemical do to us? Of course, it will because we still are completely oblivious of the proper technique of employing these chemicals in our bodies this is why we see a lot of side effects with modern chemical medications these days, else they’re completely fine and legit to use! Now, where did this technique came from? Of course, something which is developed and scrutinized time and again since centuries, has the key to unlock the treasure to your answers, right? And here the key is Ayurveda.
Modern and contemporary can go so well along and complement each other. The only need is the proper understanding and rational approach, support from the governments and of course the intellectual minds who have this capability to remove these enigmas circumscribing both the healthcare systems! Ayurvedicians of the country has totally lost the direction of research, left direction, we are lagging behind in all aspects when it comes to conducting a good research while the Allopathists are way too overshadowed by their conceitious approach.

The advantage of these failures of the two systems often takes by the anti-social elements, as they play their dirty political propaganda under the veils of our very own incompetencies. This is why we need equipoise to be self-maintained so at least the healthcare stays away from the propaganda and politics and this can only be achieved through paradigm shift in medicine through amalgamation of the two pathies and when the world will begin employing this blended approach of the treatment, that day will make true acclamation of Ayurveda worldwide and this is when the purpose of National Ayurveda Day will find its true worth!