Has Indian Opposition lost its Way?


The India Opposition has stooped to such a new low that when they’ve found nothing to claim against the current govt., they have started praising and even enhancing ties with Anti-India Forces and even the foreign Delegations.

One more example is last year’s Congress Leader Manishankar Aiyar’s political stunts of Meeting Hurriyat Leaders and even another one telling Pakistani Anchors- “Inko Hataiye, Humein Laiye”. (Remove Them, Bring Us to Power), Both of them being Anti-India Statements which weren’t Condemned by his own Party.

The most recent meetings of Rahul Gandhi and team with Chinese delegates can be seen as a new kind of Opposition tactics to build Pressure on the govt. through Foreign Powers. The most surprising fact is that First The Congress party denied this meeting and then, shamelessly accepted it after the Chinese delegate released these pictures in Public.

The Congress party called it as “Maintaining Diplomatic Ties with the foreign parties” as if they are another Ministry of External Affairs entitled to perform this action on behalf of the Republic of INDIA.

The Chinese delegation met with Indian Opposition only. First, he met Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee, then went to Assam, met the Opposition leader(INC), but didn’t met the CM who’s with the Ruling Party BJP. In Delhi, he met Rahul Gandhi Vice President INC. And guess what, after that, China Changed its focus from the NE to the Kashmir issue: The issue which is a gift to India from the Party which ruled since Independence. The Kashmir Issue is in status-quo since 1948, when our beloved PM Chacha Nehru took that dispute to the UN where we got a backstab from his “Friends”.

The Opposition must understand that the current Leadership is in no mood to spare a single weakness for them to counter-act with ease. The Opposition’s work is to analyze the govt. policies, administration and suggest measures to correct them or bring in the notice of Parliament for correcting it. But That doesn’t mean that they should seek foreign support or bring a Third party to intervene in our internal Policies.

You’ve got a mandate of 44 from 204. Try to increase it with Indian support instead of defaming own Country.

Remember that. Always!