NSD- Providing Jewels to Bollywood since 1958


As in theatres,the eyes of men,after a

Well graced actor leaves the stage,

Are idly bent on him that enters next,

Thinking his prattle to be tedious.

~William Shakespeare


The National School of Drama (NSD) is a theatre training institute situated at New Delhi,India since 1959. With study of theatre it includes training in acting,stage craft etcetera.

NSD was recognised when the Asian Theatre institution in New Delhi founded on the eye of PAN Asian collaboration and exchange,then it was converted into Drama school in 1958.The main aim of NSD was to promote professional theatre since 1964. Then in 1975 it became autonomous organisation under the erst of ministry of Education and culture and Department of culture. Then further it was named as “National School of Drama”.


NSD has a great contribution to Indian cinema by providing actors of exceptional talent, whose acting seems authentic. They have left a monumental impacts on us with their marvelous performances. Late Om Puri, from the journey of a child labour to a renowned actor, he is a national award winner for Ardh Satya and did a splendid job all throughout his acting career, following Shabana Azmi who is the five time national award winner and had an iconic role in Safed kundali. The list doesn’t end here. Naseeruddin Shah, Seema Biswas, Pankaj Kapoor, Anupam Kher,Alok Nath, Manoj Vajpayee and many more whose names are enough to be recognised as the jewels of India film industry.


The most important contribution made by NSD is the extension programmes,which endured in conducting over the years in devious places from Jammu to Madhurai. The workshops provided major knowledge about design direction and acting. Setting up branches every where was a very difficult task to be carried out but it was a great source of motivation for regional theatre workers.


Different extension programmes which works as a transcend programme seeking to reach out to theatre admirers  across region and languages by conducting theatre workshops of various categories featuring subjects such as acting, movement, light, make up, theatre history and literature. With 55 events per year they have reached major success in their ambition.

Jashne Bachpan- Jashne Bachpan presents the works of different theatre groups working with and for the children on behalf of various regions and language across the country. With full fledged passion and production outstanding directors works with the most talented children.

Bal Sangam- It is organised by TIE company every alternate year to represent the future artists with their traditional performances. The programme mainly focuses on the traditional folk performances including Orgami,pottery, Recycling,puppet making etcetera under art and craft workshops.

Sunday club Festival- This includes script writing, improvisation etcetera,aiming at helping children develop a play. All these comes under Sunday club part I. Then comes part ll, where theatre is introduced as a subject to them and their act is staged before a wider public.


Getting into Bollywood is not that easy. Sometimes it is all about luck, fate and destiny. There are many actors who are best in their work but less recognised such as Yashpal Sharma and Piyush Mishra. Theatre can be a great medium to keep our culture alive, It can be a great way to redefine literature, can help us to lusture our art and spread awareness about racism, sexism and other type of oppressions as well. The national school of Drama shall continue helping people to discover themselves and bring up originality. NSD can be a great medium to promote theatre and providing platform to all the aspiring actors.