Nuclear Arms Race – North Korea

Nuclear arms

The day a person is born, he has to register himself in the list of competitions. He enrolls himself in an individual and civic race just to make his position on the top. Such races are on a global level too. One such race is ‘Arms Race’. The ‘Arms Race’ is a competition among nations to establish their supremacy in terms of lethal arms and ammunition. Such race is a major risk to world peace.

This dangerous race came into existence during Second World War. At that time, USA was the only country who had developed the destructive atom bomb. In 1945, USA had dropped the atom bomb on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This is how USA somewhere succeeded in declaring itself as one the powerful countries. Afterwards, many other countries too joined the race and soon developed deadliest weapons. Even the developing countries incorporated them and in 1998, India too had to put the nuclear arms on due to threats from Pakistan. Thus the year-by-year increase in nuclear arms has created a serious challenge to international stability.

Due to bitter relations, many countries have been in constant spirits for preparation of war. Such war will be a grave to world peace and will lead to mass destruction. Moreover, even the thoughts of nuclear explosions are enough to shake one’s soul. Till date, the number of nuclear devices has reached to a terrible extent. According to scientific studies, “ A universal nuclear war would result in total destruction, as the whole planet would be totally devastated and survivors would face terrible conditions.”

This race for armament is against the objectives of United Nations. United Nations is the bag holder responsible for guarding humankind conserving pacifism as a nuclear race is a major threat to ‘right to life’. Nuclear war indirectly declares dominance of strong countries over weaker ones which in turn results in loss of life and property along with social and economic losses. Instead of maintaining world decorum and peace, this threat game is still on. Back in August 2017, North Korea threatened Guam of dropping a missile but temporarily backed off after US President’s warning of ‘face fire and fury like the world has never seen’.

Concerned people all over the world have been breaking the silence against this and India too has always been in favor of disarmament. Many movements have been held against this but it is United Nations’ and the concerned countries responsibility to take positive steps to end the arms race and spread harmony.