Patriotism, Proven not Declared

However loud that it may be the explosion was drowned by a roar of Patriot, Bharat Mata ki Jai.

X wanted anti-nationals to suffer.
Y wanted anti-nationals to suffer.
X logged in.
Y was on duty.
X could see plethora of notifications waiting to be fed by his witticisms.
Y could sense movement in the bushes across LOC.
X took his phone took a deep breath clicked on the first post.
Y held his gun pin pointed on what was about to emerge from the dense fog.
X posted a comment. He was happy he found an anti-national today.
Y was fired upon. He ducked for cover alerting others.
A counter comment hurt X.
A bullet hit Y.
X got angry. He was about to lose himself, his patriotic wrath on the person who commented.
Y kept his calm. Quickly tied his bleeding wrist with his army belt. At the same time patiently waiting for the enemy to expose their location.

X could see the other person getting more likes than him.
Y could see bombs being hurled at him.
X’s enemy had a long beard.
Y’s enemy had a long beard.
X started trolling him comment after comment after comment.
Y started firing at each one of them one by one.
A logic hit X on his ego.
A bomb hit Y in the eye.
X went blind even though he could see.
Y was blinded still he kept firing in the direction of the sound.

They had come in large numbers today. Must be some pseudo-liberal website thought X.

They had come in large numbers. It was clear.
Y took off his arm jacket ready with grenades in his hands.

X says Bharat Mata ki Jai and calls all of them anti nationals.
X gets tired and sleeps in peace.

Y removes all the pins from his grenades.
The bunker exploded shattering a group of terrorists to bits. Those who thought now they can easily catch that one soldier alive were taken in for surprise . However loud that it may be the explosion was drowned by a roar of Patriot, Bharat Mata ki Jai.

Irony is
X often distributed antinational certificates while Y never did that, not even once.

X wakes up the next day, ready to take on one more prey.
Y never woke up. While crores prayed. Still, Y never woke up.

Difference is that X thinks himself to be a patriot, Y proved himself to be one.
While a wannabe lived, a patriot died in an attempt to save that wannabe.

Patriotism is not declared but proven. Jai Hind.