If not achhe din definitely better days, proves PM Modi in the Parliament

source- indian express

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today replied to Motion of thanks of President’s address in Lok Sabha. I listened to the whole speech which is more than 100 minutes long. Other than political jibes which our Lutyens Media valiantly highlighted, I have few takeaways which matter to us as citizens of India and which they seem to have missed.

1. Janshakti ( Yojaka Tatra Durlabh )

The first thing that PM talks about Janshakti ie People’s Power. He talks about the importance of this Janshakti in the strengthening the democracy of the country. He talks about how it was just the will of people of India which made sure that then PM Lal Bahadur Shastri told people to leave eating once a day and the whole country followed. He further added that even a commoner like him (referring to himself) appealed people to leave gas subsidies and 1 crore 20 lakh families left gas subsidies. When the only issue in the election for few was whether we will give 10 or 12 cylinders, this is an achievement of Janashakti When the only issue in the election for few was whether we will give 10 or 12 cylinders, this is an achievement of Janashakti. He calls Citizens of India as Yojaka tatra durlabh ie person, who can find out their utility and organise them in proper use, is rare.
“A family didn’t bring us independence but millions have sacrificed their life for the country and it shows the mentality of the Congress to compare those millions to dogs”, a befitting reply by PM Modi to Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge’s most deplorable and objectionable comments made in Parliament yesterday. He appealed all parties to help him achieve Mahatma Gandhi’s Dream of Clean India and gave emphasis on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan as everyone wants a clean India and it is not limited to political interests.

2. Why was the budget done earlier?

The budget which was done earlier in March-April almost takes May when the implementation process begins. We have ignored this simple fact that Rains start right from June. PM Modi stated that India is an agricultural Nation. Due to the previous practices, of the budget being announced at later stages all schemes could not be implemented properly. The government has very few months to act according to rains and becomes a victim of false billing to show productivity which is neither beneficial to farmers nor affordable to the government.
PM playfully highlights that the budget is announced at 5 pm. Why?, he asks. He further adds that 5 PM is the British parliament time in India on which the budget is announced which was not changed until Atalji’s government changed it. He jokingly highlights one of the major problems faced by the independent India that we are still not able to get over from the British way of governance even though it is not beneficial to us. 

Smoothly, he moves towards a serious note and informs the house that the process of preponing the Budget time was first considered by the MMS government. He has only acted on the policies of UPA government, which the UPA government failed to implement. He tells the opposition that I implemented what you proposed, In fact you should be proud.

3. Why was Railway Included in the Main Budget?

Here the PM confirms that the independence and autonomy of railways is not threatened. In fact it further strengthens it. Before 60 years when rail budget was introduced that time Railways was the only medium of long distance transportation. However, now the equation has changed. He also talks about how before this government came into power, there were more than 1500 announcements made. Ironically none of those 1500 saw the light of the day other than the piece of paper on which they were written. PM talks about implementation before announcements.
The inclusion of Railways budget in the Mainstream budget also saves a lot of taxpayer money which is lost on multiple parliament sessions and separate organisation of both the budgets.

4. The Benami Property Law and Demonetisation

Every corruption starts with cash and ends with cash. It is not an unknown fact. Pointing towards Congress, PM further adds that in 1988 when from Parliament to Panchayat Congress party was everywhere, Why did it take them 26 years to notify the Benami property law. Were some people’s vested interests behind it that stopped you from implementing the law, PM asked. He also said that you cannot abstain from it now. The People of India deserve an answer.

Then PM warns the corrupt about The Benami Property Law that it is the time for you to join Mainstream economy or else the amendments in the law are very harsh and no one will be spared. He also explains why this was the right time for demonetization. Firstly the Country was economically strong and hence could easily face strong decisions like these. Had our economy been not in its strong phase, it was not possible for the PM to take such decision. There was a lot of background thinking behind the whole process. Also after the time of Diwali people take leave for 10-15 days and it was the right time to cleanse cash corruption and undertake on the spot implementation.

PM reads out the Supreme Court order on 26th March 2014 by Justice H.L. Dattu, “The government is literally running away from the SIT-monitored probe. Since 1947 nobody did anything to bring back the money and disclose the names of depositors. The government has failed in its role for 65 years. If the money would have been brought back the economy of the country would have gone up. Per capita income would have gone up. Income tax rate which we are paying at 30 per cent would have been reduced.

He further highlights that the first decision that his government made was making a SIT on the guidelines of this order which UPA failed to implement. He told the house about various sanctions imposed by tax havens like Mauritius and Singapore on black marketeers owing to the efforts made by the present government.


The PM also emphasised on various steps taken to curb corruption. Making pan compulsory for jewellery above 2 lakhs, cash limit of 20K in property dealing, Real Estate bill, 100 percent fine on cash transactions above 3lakhs among the few.

PM talks about why 150 changes were made. It was all made so that people’s demands are considered along with the main motive of corrupt is also put down. Hence everytime the thieves found a way, the government made changes in the rules. He further pinpoints that there were made 1035 changes in the rules of MNREGA. The remonetisation was still an on the spot implementation.

He goes on to quote a poet Kaka Hathrashi ” Antarpat me khojiye Chhipa Hua hai khot. Mil jaaegi aapko bilkul Satya report.” It means that find the faults inside you and you will get the most truthful report ever.

5. Loksabha and Vidhansabha Elections should take place together

PM appeals to the House and citizens of India to press for One country One Election as proposed by the honourable President. PM feels that we have reached a phase where we can move towards this. This move will not only save a lot of time and resources like money, transport, police, crpf personnel, it will also curb corruption that goes on during the elections. Thousands of crores worth of money could be saved. PM highlights that this step can’t be taken by his will alone. It requires the support of the opposition in both the houses and the strong backing of citizens of India. 2011 elections saw 1300 crores expenditure while 2014 Loksabha elections saw expenditure of more than 4000 crores. Security Forces are occupied most of the time in one or the other election. And hence One Country One election is the need of the hour and we should understand its importance.

Will we as citizens of India support our PM in this noble endeavour? He might not have given achhe din but his steps have surely indicated towards better days for the future of this incredible Country called India.


6. Janami Dharma nachme Pravruti Janami Adharma nachme Nivruti 

  • Here PM goes on to talk about the layering of optical fibre network. During 2011-14 Only 59 villages had optical fibre networking and that too without last mile connectivity. He says that his government was successful in establishing pending optical fibre networks across 76000 villages and in fact satisfying the clause of last mile connectivity. And now the whole country is layered with optical fibre networks. This PM puts as an achievement of his government.
  • He talks about the importance of digital money. He points out to the expenditure which is required to monitor 3 lakh ATMs across the country. The expenditure in the transfer of cash is even more than the combined amount spent in the vegetable and milk mobilisation and thus even if 30-40 percent of the population who have access to digital money starts doing cashless transactions, thousands of crores could be saved.
  • Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana has increased from 69 kms per day to 111 kms per day.
  • Satellite monitoring is introduced in manufacturing roads and drones are being used for railways. We are moving towards technological advancement wherever possible.
  • Gramin Awas Yojana has increased construction from 1083000 houses per year to 2227000 houses per year which is almost double.
  • National Urban Renewal Mission has increased construction from 8017 houses per month to 13530 houses per month.
  • Broadgauge commissioning in railways has increased from 1500 kms to 3000 kms. We are targeting 3500 kms this year.
  • Electricity production has skyrocketed from 2700 mega watts to 9100 megawatts.
  • Due to Discom Yojana, the states will save 160000 crores.
  • Due to decisions made in Coal transportation, 1300 crores could be saved.
  • After Subsidising LED bulbs government was able to sell more than 1 crore LED bulbs. This step not only made sure the government is able to save 11000 crores of taxpayer money but it also ensured energy worth 11000 crores is saved per year.
  • The budget of schedule castes has increased from 33000 to 52000 crores. Close to 33.71 % increase from the UPA rule.
  • Gas Cylinders when connected with Aadhar about 26000 crores worth leakage could be avoided this year which in turn made sure 1.5 crores poor families got the benefit of gas connections.
  • After taking action on 26 lakh fake ration cards 14000 crores worth of taxpayer money could be saved which were previously lost among middlemen.
  • Even MNREGA has been connected with Aadhar. 7633 crores worth of middlemen money is saved. The workers receive direct payments in their respective Jan-Dhan accounts.
  • Every year 49000 crores went to middlemen due to loopholes in the government schemes. This has been avoided this year and will be saved every year from now. Digitization will further strengthen its impact.
  • UPA increased 600 crores in 3 years MNREGA. Modi government increased 11000 crores in 2 years as it could now do a better implementation. The government is targeting 10000 new irrigational ponds to be built under MNREGA.
  • Pradhanmantri Fasal Bima yojana is extended to cover insurance even due to Natural Calamities like flood and drought. Never before seen anywhere in the country. Even after cutting of the crops within 15 days if a natural calamity occurs, it will be covered under PM’s Crop insurance scheme. Schemes like this were initially there but saw very fewer takers as nothing which affected farmers were covered under them.
  • Mudra Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Krishi sinchayi Yojana are also few other schemes which encourages agricultural skill development and employment.
  • The Urja Ganga Yojana covering whole north-eastern India is expected to be launched soon and it will layer down 1000 kms of gas pipeline which will employ a lot of people.
  • Neem Coating on Urea, an issue which was first highlighted by UPA government, it was never implemented by them. They could only do it till 35 percent. And hence was easily used by thieves in factories. It was also used in making synthetic milk which poses multiple heath risks of milk adulteration. What UPA couldn’t do in 6 years even after identifying the problem, Modi government did it in 6 months and 100 percent neem coating on Urea was achieved so that it will be used for Farmers and agriculture only. It has also achieved 5 percent increase in Paddy production and 15 percent increase in sugarcane production.
    It has also achieved 5 percent increase in Paddy production and 15 percent increase in sugarcane production.


I think speech of PM Modi was simple. You knew what is your duty, your Dharma but you didn’t have the will towards change. You also knew what is Adharma or evil but you lacked the strength to overcome it. Same laws, Same country. But better results.

Yes, old wine in a new bottle, indeed. But guess what till now you never served the wine to anyone, you kept it for yourself. Cheers.