Maharani Padmavati was a feminist in the real sense unlike few pseudo feminists with pen.

Maharani Padmavati

Yesterday, a popular online web news portal hit the nadir of notoriety with their article, de-glorifying Rajput Queen, Maharani Padmavati or Padmini, the queen of Chittor. Before I write on should she deserve the glory bestowed with or not, let’s know her story.

Maharani Padmavati was the princess of Singhaladweep (modern-day Srilanka). Such was her beauty that when Raja Rawal Ratan Singh of Chittor heard of her beauty, he wanted to make her his queen. He won her hand in her swayamvar and married her. It is said that she was so beautiful that when Allaudin Khilji, a Muslim tyrant, and plunderer heard of it, he desired to capture her with all his might and keep her in his harem as a sex slave. A fierce battle ensued, and Rawal Ratan Singh was finally defeated by Khilji after many battles. When the defeat was impending, sensing that the tyrannical sultan might capture them and fearing the indignities and mal-treatment they would face once caught alive, the women of the fort self-immolated themselves by committing Jauhar. Jauhar is the female counterpart of Saka, practiced largely by Rajput women to save themselves from the humiliating life as sex slaves of foreign plunderers, as prisoners of war. And the contemptuous and dastardly way in which female prisoners of wars were dealt with by Muslim invaders is no secret.

Modern day feminists argue that there’s no glory in choosing death over sexual slavery. Why did they kill themselves by burning themselves alive where there were other ways to commit suicide as well? This propagates patriarchy and the thinking that “all a woman has is a vagina”. They also argue that this fans the mindset which results in rape victims not being accepted anymore by society. Here’s why they’ve gone senseless with logic,
1st of all Jauhar is not Sati, in Jauhar, a woman jumps into her own funeral pyre after her last rights are performed among chants of Vedic hymns, while in sati a widow is forced to burn alive with her husband’s corpse. Women in those times committed Jauhar, that is self-immolation because of Muslim Invaders, who practised necrophilia, ie they had sex with female corpses as well. Self-immolation is the only way in which their bodies wouldn’t have been violated after death. Equating life of a sex slave with that of a rape victim is like comparing fire and water, it’s completely idiotic. The prima facie fact of being a rape victim is that she SURVIVES rape and has a chance to lead her life normally again if treated with love and care. While on the other hand there’s no escape for a sex slave except death. Should she redeem herself in her afterlife then? Easier said than done right? We all know how sex slaves are treated by ISIS in 2017 itself, don’t we?

Even the front line Peshmerga Soldiers, the fiercest of all feminists in the world today are asked to keep a spare bullet in their pockets by their commando, for just in case if they ever get caught alive.

For every self-respecting woman, her body is her temple and her soul the deity. Violating her temple is like attacking the deity and she would never accept that. The act of Jauhar is no easy job for it requires an immense amount of mental strength which no sissy can have. A glorifying death is any day better than a life full of indignity, humiliation, and objectification as a sex slave devoid of honor and self-respect. Dying a queen is better than living like a subhuman slave.

Maharani Padmavati was a feminist in the real sense.