BSF’s all women daredevil biker squadron – SEEMA BHAVANI



At one point where we are struggling with gender issues, women being misbehaved in Nalanda over Anti-Padmavati protest, on another ironical point the real Padmavati’s of our nation are showcasing their valor and strength. They are taking a significant plunge on the occasion of 69th republic day ceremony at Rajghat, the ceremonial boulevard.

Yes..! I am talking about the debut of our very own BSF’s all women daredevil biker squadron.  Border security force popularly knows as BSF is the world’s largest border guarding force. To add a feather on the cap, BSF has largest women contingent in the world too. Several women hold significant combat positions within BSF. As per tradition, on the occasion of republic day, the daredevil’s of Army and BSF end the ceremony by riding their ferocious bikes every year alternatively. By now it must be obvious that it’s BSF’s turn this year and they didn’t leave any stone unturned to make this tradition a bang. The daredevil biker squad had been christened SEEMA BHAVANI or border Bravehearts. Women from various combat ranks have been picked up.

This team is headed by Stanzin Noryang of Laddakh. They will be riding 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles. This special biker squad has been specially curated by BSF trainers and the members are aged between 25-30 years.

We need to brace ourselves this republic day, for witnessing breathtaking stunts and acrobatics performed by them on Rajpath, India’s ceremonial boulevard. This squad comprises of an assorted blend of Bravehearts from almost all the regions of the country. Punjab leads with 20 participants followed by 15,10,9 and 8 members from West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Maharashtra and Utter Pradesh respectively. Additionally, Bihar and Assam boast with 7 members, while 6 from Odisha,  5 each from Rajasthan,  Manipur, and Gujarat. 3 from Chhattisgarh and Jammu & Kashmir each.  Kerala, Karnataka, and Delhi contribute 2 members each and eventually, 1 member from Himachal Pradesh is there.  In this team,  15 members are married with some being mothers.  It is the matter of great pride that women,  who didn’t even know how to ride a bike courageously fought back their fears, dealt and mastered this challenge like a boss.  The women have undergone rigorous training, which would start at 8:00 am in the morning till 1 pm in the noon,  followed up by post noon sessions from 3:00 pm till 5:30 pm.  They even adhered to strict fitness and diet regime.

These dexterous women have proved this by not breaking their resilience and spirit that even though there are a plethora of obstacles on our way if we are determined enough,  we will surely taste success no matter what.  They are the true inspiration for our nation and everyone who is willing to excel in life and wants to do something big.

The credit of this wonderful proposition goes to BSF director General K. K Sharna,  who wanted to encourage, support, acknowledge and give BSF’s share in women empowerment. As we can see this was done by replacing men daredevil with women brave hearts. These wonder women will be showcasing several stunts and the ceremonial boulevard will witness this for the first time in the history.

Ramnath Kovind – honorable President,  Prime Minister – Narendra Modi and 10 leaders of ASEAN countries will adorn the event by their esteemed presence.

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama