Russian Ambassador allegedly shot dead in Yemen


In another horrific turn of events, Russian ambassador to Yemen have been allegedly shot dead in Sann’a . According to incoming reports.

Vladimir Dedushkin , is Russia’s ambassador to Yemen. He has been playing a key role in trying to initiate or negotiate a peace process in the war-torn country.
In the wake of the civil war in Yemen, there have been a growing presence of terrorist groups in the region.

Specifically in the vast eastern and southern parts of the country, these groups have mushroomed profusely.
The assassination of the ambassador was reported by the Barq news agency of Saudi Arabia.

It is a developing story thus, not much detail is available at this point. If this is to be true then Dedushkin would be the second Russian ambassador to have given his life in the line of duty.

On 19th December,2016, Russian ambassador to Turkey – Andrey Karlov was shot dead by a police officer in Melvut Mert Altintas,Turkey.
As the problems in Middle -east continue to grow and with two of their ambassador dead, one can not help but think, in the coming days Russia will respond and increase its influence in the region. Now the question is, how will the other players in the middle-east react to this aggression against and the imminent response by, the Russian state.

It is a developing story, we will keep you updated as more information become available.