Farmers in Maharashtra praising PM Modi and Fadnavis for giving new life to the agriculture sector


During the UPA rule, problems in the agriculture sector forced thousands of farmers to commit suicide every month. No one in the system was showing the willingness to help them. The scene completely changed once Modi took over the office.

Agriculture’s share towards the GDP is around 17 percent. Plus, more than 58 percent of the rural population is dependent on the same for their livelihood. PM Modi understands this and thus he took the initiative to introduce modern technology, including automation, in the sector.

Modi’s agriculture revolution is not less than the Green Revolution that India witnessed during the 1960s. Credit also goes to former agriculture minister Shard Pawar for his superb contribution made as Modi’s special advisor. He definitely deserved Padma Vibhushan for his work done towards improving every farmer’s life.

Modi’s initiatives like micro-irrigation fund, dairy processing fund, interest-free short-term crop loans, and liberal contract farming have completely changed the face of the sector. Now, farmers directly sell their products to customers in all parts of the country.

Changes in the sector have managed to attract researchers from Harvard to India. At one point, the country used to witness hundreds of farmer suicides. But, that’s history! The last suicide was reported back in May 2014, before Modi took over the office. Agriculture and related sectors have grown by almost 300 percent during the last three years. Credit goes to no one else, but Mr. Pawar and the Prime Minister for working 18 hours every day.

Kisan kalyan cess money is used for waving off farmer loans

Thousands of cold storages were constructed in various BJP ruled states for government-procured food items between June and December 2014 as promised by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Not just insurance coverage, but special call centers, as well as training centers, are set up in every village to help farmers in the country. Experts working at these Krishi Madat Centers are evaluated for their performance on a monthly basis by a committee formed under the guidance of every state’s chief minister. Centers are under constant CCTV surveillance to check and make sure that farmers are visiting and benefiting from the same.

Devendra Fadnavis is the most farmer friendly CM in the country

In fact, farmers from the Indian state of Maharashtra host seminars around the world these days and share their success stories. The number of attendees in such events is more than those recorded at Prime Minister Modi’s rallies.

This is simply remarkable because, at one point, hundreds of farmer suicides were reported on a monthly basis in Maharashtra alone. Devendra Fadnavis worked for more than 18 hours a day to change the situation. BJP Chief Amit Shah promised farmers in UP that his party will wave off farmers’ loans. BJP waved off all the loans of farmers in Maharashtra immediately after winning state Assembly elections.

Thousands of farmers in this state receive subsidized fertilizers, urea, and genetically modified seeds since 2015 under Atal Kisan Kalyan Yojana. Irrigation facilities are not an issue even in regions like Marthwada because of multiple dams than have been constructed during 2015-2016.

To stop distress sale of crop and to control middlemen’s loot, Maharashtra Government offers minimum support price. They also buyout some parts of the produce and store it in state’s cold storages. Most of them are not visible due to transparency factor.

Even the HC patted CM’s back for working towards reducing the number of suicides in the state. High Court also appreciated Fadnavis Government’s schemes introduced to help family members of farmers who committed suicide. He brought back smile on every farmer’s face by opening special health care centers for agricultural laborers.

Fadnavis has set up a special committee consisting psychologists to meet and interact with family members of farmers from Marathwada who have committed suicide. Many farmers commit suicide due to lack of funds for their daughter’s marriage. Thus, this committee also shares awareness about the importance of avoiding lavish marriage ceremonies in rural areas.

Special quota for farmers in education system makes sure that every farmer’s kid gets access to schools and colleges. Farmers in Maharashtra are sure that within few months, they will cross Madhya Pradesh’s records in every aspect. BJP IT cell members often compliment Fadnavis by painting him as next PM candidate.

Reality is painful

By now, you must have realized that it’s a work of satire. The reality is that between 2014 and 2015, farmer suicides went up by 42 percent according to NCRB’s records. Maharashtra tops the list. Financial distress and severe drought were cited as some of the main reasons behind these suicides. Last year, even the HC warned Maharashtra Government about its compensation policies and the overall farmer suicide figures.  The court pointed out that most of the schemes still remain just on paper.

Chief Minister has maintained silence on the issue, as well as on the famous dal scam involving BJP’s Minister Girish Bapat.

In December 2014, CM Relief Fund money was used to finance expenses of dance troop (consisting bureaucrats). They were sent to Bangkok on money meant to be used for farmers. According to Times of India’s report,just one week before the incident 32 farmers had committed suicide in the state’s Marathwada region.  Surprisingly, CMO officials defended their decision and said they have the right to do so. This way, BJP led government proved how much they care about farmers.

Note ban must have made these numbers even worse. Reports point out that liquidity crunch must have driven vegetable and fruits farmers to bankruptcy. The country will have to wait and watch for more data related to suicides caused due to demonetization. In spite of all this, people voted open heartedly for the BJP during recent rural (GP, ZP) and urban civic elections in Maharashtra.

Public is already playing its part by paying kisan kalyan cess on every bill. Now, hope the center comes out of election and speech mode. Hope they REALLY start working for farmers’ welfare. Else, they have no right to charge kisan kalyan cess.